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Making The Most of A Small Office Space

22 February 2022

The Struggles of Limited Office Space 

Working with minimal office space is a reality for many of us. Whether you’re still working in an office, sharing an open plan office space or struggling for space alongside filing cabinets, or working from home alongside family demands, compact office space is, sadly, super common.

It can be all too easy to lament this lack of space as we feel hemmed in and suffocated. This lack of physical space can quickly lead to an oppressive atmosphere which, in turn, leads to lower sense of work satisfaction, decreased productivity, and a greater impact from stress on our mental and physical wellness. That’s hardly what we want from 2022.

So, how do you flip the script and create a more comfortable and inspiring office space when you’re limited to a small space? Fortunately, we have found some of the best tips to completely revolutionise your small workspace and reset your productivity, and workplace wellbeing. Let’s take a look below.

Implement Smart Storage Across Your Workspace

There’s nothing more overwhelming than a desk covered with documents, stationary, and coffee cups. When you’re already working with a small space, this can make your space feel even tighter, as well as disorganised. This is a sure route to an ultimate stressful day.

Keeping your workspace clear, tidy, and carefully organised to help you manage your day is a must when working in a small office space. Make use of under desk drawer units to keep storage out of sight and clear from clutter, or stacking tray units to double or even triple up your storage space without spreading out across your desktop. Thinking vertically is your friend when your desktop space is minimal!

Simple additions like sliding keyboard trays can free up space with even the smallest desk spaces. Managing your paper load can also make a huge difference, although it’s a task many of us neglect during our working week. Digitise as many of your documents and communications as possible, and make sure to shred and recycle any old or unused documents to make sure you're making the most of your storage, and keeping your desk space clear.

Broaden Your View Into Nature

Wherever possible, changing up the view from your desk can make a big difference. If you’re facing a wall or tucked into a dark corner, your space-saving efforts will only go so far.

Brightening up your space with natural lighting, or better yet turning to face a window out to a wide open space, can truly change the atmosphere of your workspace and make it feel much larger.

Having fresh, natural light and some gentle distraction outside your window can greatly lift the mood and improve your working atmosphere. Being able to let some fresh air into your workspace and hear the sounds of nature can also help calm the stresses of your day, minimise anxiety in the mind and body, and make your working space feel larger, calmer and more comfortable.

Go Minimalist On Office Decor

When you’re working in a small space, bulkier furniture is only going to make your space feel even more cramped. However - interior design can be your friend! Getting on board with minimalist interior design can help you create a cohesive and attractive office space, whilst also maximising on the sense of space available to you.

Glass top or floating desks, or desks with slimline legs and discreet storage options can quickly set a minimalist tone whilst reducing bulk. Minimalist seating - perhaps cutting out clunky armrests or with a slender base - is also an essential step in minimalist office design. You can take your minimalist seating optimisation one step further by sourcing a chair that has a 360 degree rotation, enabling you to access additional work spaces with ease and minimal effort.

Floating shelves or minimalist storage buckets can be installed higher up on wall spaces or dividers to keep clutter out of view without taking up huge amounts of space or leaving you feeling cramped in.

Go Forth and Work Freely!

Thanks for sticking with us. Now you’re fully prepared to take our top tips and revolutionise your small office!

Make the most of interior design styles, optimise storage solutions, and take a fresh look at your surrounding atmosphere and environment to create a fresh, inspiring workspace primed for productivity - and leave low energy, claustrophobic days as a thing of the past.

If you’re keen for some further inspiration, we have some great small-space storage solutions, and slimline and multifunctional furniture that can truly transform your space.