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Make Your Small Home Office Feel Bigger with These Tips

05 July 2021

A home office is a workstation address where professionals spend their hours working to earn a living. A home office, despite being based at home, is no less crucial in terms of convenience. However, in many circumstances, the home office space is degraded in a variety of ways.

It is vital to have a separate place for working to create a proper working atmosphere. In the absence of sufficient rooms, even sections or corners of existing rooms can adequately fit the function. Even if the available area is limited, it must be practical in all respects to be used as a home office.

There are numerous methods to make it appear roomy and comfy. Having a well-organized workspace with appropriate space is essential to consider while finishing the room's setup. Densely populated rooms not only take up space but can also stifle innovation.

Working from home still provides many advantages, including reduced commuting time, higher productivity, and greater wardrobe freedom. It does, however, present specific issues, particularly for individuals who live in smaller homes or apartments or who do not have designated office space.

If you're still working from home, or still will be in the coming months or years, and feel cramped, try one (or a few) of these ideas to rejuvenate your area and make it look more spacious. 


It's no mystery that mirrors may improve the look of a room's interior design—people have been using this tactic for ages. Place a mirror across from a window—it will do double purpose by bouncing more light into your space and making it appear larger.

Wallpaper and Color

Removable wallpaper is a one-of-a-kind technique. You simply peel and stick, and then removal is a breeze—you peel it off, without hurting your walls, whenever you choose to freshen your area.

A calming color always lends a burst of natural energy to space. Paint one of the walls a distinct and robust color to add another layer to the home decor. This will assist you in breaking up the monotony of the hues. As a result, the room will have a more intimate feel and appear larger than it is. Furthermore, it lends an artsy vibe to the environment.

Light and bright walls reflect more light, making your workspace feel more spacious. This helps to maximize the effects of light. Darker hues, on the other hand, trap light and make a room appear smaller. Paint your home office with soothing tones like green, blue, or white for the best effect. Remember that brighter rooms appear larger and more welcoming. As a result, paint your wall moldings and trim a different color than your walls. This will cause your walls to look further back, making your home office appear bigger.


Having shelves in your workstation is a clever approach to manage it. Instead of having heaps of documents all over the place, you could neatly sort them and arrange them on shelves. This arrangement will assist you in keeping track of all your paperwork and vital documents, as well as arranging them in a clean and orderly manner. This initiative will assist you in freeing space on both the table and the floor. Shelves come in a variety of sizes and styles. Floating shelves or wall shelves are an acceptable option because they do not require any floor space. You might install as many as you want based on the size of your walls.


Proper lighting in a room is critical because it provides the illusion of greater space while also making the area more breathable. Lighting is essential since it can make a room glow or deflate. Furthermore, proper lighting is critical in the workplace. You should start with at least two good light sources and then add as many as you need to make the area bright and lighted.

If you have access to natural light, incorporating it into your home office through expansive windows may connect you effortlessly to the outdoors. Having a window in the room is always a plus because natural lighting can truly make the space look bright and appealing. Use translucent window coverings or pull back the curtains entirely to bring more light into your workspace. You may also put some plants by the window if the view isn't too pleasant. Don't worry if you don't have enough natural light; you may add some dramatic effects with lighting fixtures like ceiling lamps or desk lamps


If you do laptop work most, choose tables that are the size of a hand and larger than the width of your laptop. You can also buy tables that can be easily extended or adjusted. You can get multi-functional furniture, such as office cabinets that double as a coffee table or a standing desk that serves as both a sitting and a standing workspace. On the other hand, a standing desk converter may be placed on any table in your home to convert it into a standing workstation. Ensure that you alternate between sitting and standing every 30 minutes.

Positioning larger furniture against a wall can help you to make the most of your available space. Modify your desk to match the size of your home office and avoid obstructing walkways. Avoid blocking the view into your office with too much furniture or decor, which might make it appear tight. Moving furniture away from passageways creates more space, making your room appear larger. When choosing office furniture, make sure that part of it is the same color as your walls. Because larger pieces of furniture, such as trunks and armoires, can complement your aesthetic while enlarging your workspace.


An innovative technique to include things into the office environment is to incorporate minimalistic accessories such as a terrarium or small photos. This gives the space a minimalist appearance while keeping it beautifully structured. In terms of décor, it is a basic look that uses few ornamental objects to make your area look practical, efficient, slick, and fresh.

Final Thoughts

While larger spaces are frequently comfier, compact spaces can function just as effectively if they are thoughtfully constructed. All you have to do is add a few items and carefully arrange your things so that they remain tidy and well-organized. You can dramatically boost the vibes of the space and create a more optimistic and productive working environment with a few simple tactics.