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Make The Most Of This Year’s Black Friday By Picking Up The Flexispot Premium Series E7

25 November 2022

With Black Friday right around the corner, people have already started adding things to their shopping lists – depicting what they will fancy buying on the most awaited upcoming sale day of the year—Black Friday! And for all the right reasons: Black Friday has proven to be the busiest shopping day in the UK, Europe and beyond, with hundreds of thousands of people making their local shopping malls busier than ever while swiftly ticking all the boxes off their wanted-items list!

With great bargains and discounts on the most popular and yearned products in the market, it certainly won’t be wrong to regard Black Friday as an occasion that everyone likes to leverage and a shopping day that no one likes to waste!

With unmissable and unprecedented discounts planned for all kinds of products to commemorate Black Friday, Flexispot has made sure that they won’t miss the fun this year!

That’s why we have decided to celebrate the special long-awaited shopping occasion by putting massive discounts on some of the most popular ergonomic and home products with irresistible price–reductions that no one would like to leave unnoticed!

From the 25th of November to the 28th, you can get your hands on many excellent products at awesome discounts to reach the peak of comfort and the level of peace of mind that you deserve in your home and office space!

For instance, the Premium Series E7 Standing desk (one of the best-selling standing desks we have up for sale) will be selling at a 33% discount on Black Friday with a £140 discount! With so many customisable features on the Premium Series E7, you can buy the standing desk based on the features that suit your style! From amazing features that allow users to control the height of the desk to having a weight capacity of a whopping 125kg as well as a handy anti-collision feature, the Premium Series E7 isn’t an ordinary desk that office workers conventionally use — it is a desk that brings both ease and comfort to work life and enables office workers to work long hours without experiencing any sort of discomfort.

Furthermore, the desk can be bought according to the colours of your liking — with customisable colour options (which you can decide prior to placing an order), you can choose what you would like your desktop colour to be as well as the colour of the desk’s frame.

Besides providing super cool features that are relatively rare in standard desks that are commonly used by today’s office workers, one aspect of the Premium E7 Standing desk that is worth paying attention to is the great extent of health benefits they bring. From reducing chances of facing back aches to ensuring excellent blood flow in the body’s circulation system, you can expect many health advantages with the E7. In addition, if you are currently going through aches in the body (such as back pains and neck aches), you will most likely see huge improvements in mitigating such pains.

So, if you are planning on taking your work life to the next level – with guaranteed comfort and a super futuristic and laid-back work feel – sit back and wait till our magnificent Black Friday Sale arrives!

With an opportunity to get the most premium quality ergonomic and home furniture at a great discount, you can fulfil all your office and home furniture needs by visiting our catalogue during Black Friday and taking maximum advantage of our incredible new deals!

Aside from massive discounts on our renowned standing desks, we will also be discounting products in other categories, including chairs, beds and other accessories. So if your residence or workplace requires any of the displayed items on our website, be sure to visit our page during Black Friday for amazing offers!