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Make the Most of Bathroom Storage with the CB5

22 May 2024

Maximising Bathroom Storage: Tips, Tricks, and the CB5

Making the most of bathroom storage can be a struggle for many of us - from storing shampoos and cosmetics for your daily needs to making room for all your towels and first aid kit items, your bathroom needs to do a lot for you, every day! Whether you live alone, in a house share, or with a busy family, finding enough bathroom space is a challenge for everyone.

However, with just a little bit of storage planning, some handy tips and tricks, and exploring some amazing storage solutions like our CB5 storage locker, you can make the most of your bathroom space. Let's delve into some savvy tips and tricks for making the most of your bathroom storage!

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Bathroom Storage Tips and Tricks

Assess Your Needs

Before diving into storage solutions, take stock of what you have, how you are using your bathroom, and what you truly need in your bathroom. Decluttering is key to maximizing space effectively and keeping your bathroom a calming and functional space. Get rid of expired medications empty cosmetic packaging, empty bottles, or any products you no longer use. You can also take time to consider how and where you're storing your bathroom items to keep things neat, tidy, and easy to reach when you need them.

Optimise Cabinet Space

Cabinets can quickly become chaotic without proper organization; when you can so easily shut the door on clutter, it's easy for an organization to go out the window! Maximise cabinet space with stackable bins or drawer dividers, and keep an eye on empty packaging or old items taking up valuable space. Store frequently used items at eye level for easy access, reserving lower and higher shelves for bulkier supplies or items you only need from time to time.

Make the Most of Vertical Space

In a small bathroom, we know that every inch counts! Vertical storage solutions are a game-changer. Take a look at installing shelves above the toilet or sink area, for instance, to store towels and toiletries. Hanging storage solutions like hammocks or door or window hooks can also be a great storage and space saver. Use them to hang towels, robes, hairdryers, and even jewelry. Over-the-door hooks are particularly handy for robes and towels, freeing up valuable wall space for other storage solutions. Wall-mounted cabinets or open shelving units make use of vertical space while keeping the floor clear, too, whilst making your bathroom seem that little bit bigger - bonus!

Explore your Furniture Possibilities

When space is at a premium in your bathroom, multi-functional furniture that keeps things compact is a lifesaver. Look for pieces that serve dual purposes, such as a vanity with built-in storage or a mirrored medicine cabinet with adjustable shelves, to optimize storage space in your bathroom. The key is to maximize functionality without sacrificing style or comfort - and you might not need to look any further than our CB5 storage wonder!

The FlexiSpot CB5 - Our Flexible Bathroom Storage Solution

Our CB5 storage solution, featuring stackable enclosed plastic storage boxes on sleek castors for easy bathroom organization, is a game-changer when it comes to small bathroom storage!

The CB5 storage solution's stackable design means you can make the very most of your vertical bathroom space to maximize storage, freeing up floor space whilst keeping all your bathroom belongings in one handy unit, easy to move around as needed in your space.

With durable construction and secure lid fitting, you can trust the CB5 to give your toiletries and cosmetics safe, tidy, and secure - particularly important if you're living with housemates and want to keep your belongings separate, or secure and away from young children in the family home. Moisture, dust, and dirt are also kept away from all of your belongings, making long-term bathroom storage a breeze.

Whilst secure and private, the CB5 drawers also have transparent sides so you can see what you've stored where - no more frantic searching or trying to remember where you put everything! You can keep everything organized, accessible, and tidy with the CB5 storage solution.

With a range of different drawer depths and a total load capacity of up to 9 kg across a 3-drawer configuration, the CB5 is an incredibly flexible and space-efficient storage solution, with room for even bulky bathroom items without wasting on your valuable bathroom space.

Store it All with the CB5

With the right storage solutions and organizational hacks, you can transform your bathroom into a clutter-free sanctuary where everything has its place and no space is wasted! From maximizing vertical space to finding the best storage solutions in the CB5, there are countless ways to optimize storage in even the smallest of bathrooms.

The CB5 offers the ultimate combo of functionality, durability, and convenience. With their stackable design, durable construction, transparent sides, smooth-rolling wheels, secure lids, and space-efficient design, these storage boxes are the perfect solution for organizing your small bathroom. Say goodbye to clutter and chaos - with the CB5 storage boxes, the organization has never been easier or more stylish!