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Libra: Style your home according to your zodiac sign

10 June 2021

Men and women who are born between September 23 and October 22 fall under the seventh zodiac sign, Libra. The symbol for the zodiac sign 'scales' is representative of the need for fairness exhibited by Librans. They strive to bring justice and equality for everyone. It is a lighthouse towards which they are always paddling towards.

Libra is an air sign, and Librans are bound to exhibit the characteristics expected from air signs. They are deep thinkers and have a preference to think deeply about philosophical and scientific subjects. They also communicate really well. They have the capability to convey even complex ideas in a succinct and easy to digest manner.

Librans also have the natural tendency to become leaders in their own right. Due to their strong sense of justice, they end up taking up leadership roles in the movements they deeply believe in. They have the skill to remove from an emotional situation and judge every incident with a set of neutral pairs of eyes. They can make decisions without being clouded by emotions.

Librans find it difficult to stay alone. They have the need for having people around all the time. They also are the life of any group they are part of. They are the life of any party and generally the ones who get the party started. They are part of many social groups and have mastered the art of conversing. They can hold small talk and deep conversations with anyone and everyone.

Venus is the planet that rules the sun sign of Libra. Librans are great lovers and expressive. They are fond of art, music, and beauty in general. They also love to see symmetry in everything around them. Their sense of equality and fairness also finds its way to their aesthetic sense. It is with all the aforementioned traits of Librans, you have to go about decorating your home. Else you will not be satisfied with the outcome. Even if it is loved by everyone else you as a Libran will not feel satisfied if the decor does not take into account your quirks and sensibilities.

Home decor tips for Libra

home devor for Librans

Librans are interested in artistic endeavors as mentioned earlier. This will be reflected in the home decor you want. Going back to the 'balance' they also love symmetry. Librans go for an artistic and sophisticated design that brings in the element of symmetry in interior decor. Their affinity towards peace and harmony will be reflected in the colors they choose and the furniture they fill their homes with.

Librans love to live in open spaces with lots of sunlight and modern glass elements on windows. Every decor element is a balancing act, including the style of decor and furniture. Librans try to strike a balance between traditional style elements and contemporary style. The materials used for decor also go the same way. A balance between natural materials and manmade materials.

Colors for Libra

The colors of the house should go along harmoniously with each other. The background hues can be one color and the furniture and other decor elements in various other colors.

Neutral colors should be forming the background of the house. The walls and elements that come in the background should make way for the elegant pieces in front of them. Bue and jade green are the perfect background colors for Librans The positive energy those colors exude will brighten up any room.

The foreground elements can have bright colors. Furniture, candles, frames, and flowers can be used to brighten the interior. Though any bright color will go along with the neutral background colors, different shades of red will be most suitable for Librans, especially the darker hues of red. Some elegant choices are crimson, carmine, and Rosso. Any bright color that brings in a festive atmosphere can be used with a neutral background.

Different hues are considered to be lucky for Librans. It is possible to gain financial upside with the use of these particular colors. Including these colors in the work area especially boosts your earning potential multifold. The hues are:

  • Burgundy

  • Red-violet

  • Violet

  • Purple

Summon symmetry

Librans love symmetry

Symmetry in the interior brings a mathematical form of harmony to the interiors. Double paneled doors, window panes that open away from each other, etc are some of the ways to bring symmetry. Interior decoration elements and specially designed wallpapers can also be used to bring symmetrical design into your home.

Furniture can also be arranged in symmetry. Living rooms generally have only one three-seater couch. Librans can have a pair of them to bring symmetry. Another thing that could be done is to have only single-seater couches. It also needs to be even in number to have a symmetrical arrangement.

Furniture and other equipment

A blend of antique furniture and contemporary furniture is the best choice for Librans. A contemporary coffee table with a rustic chair can be paired well according to the decor in the rest of the room. The antique, contemporary dichotomy can also be reversed.

As Librans tend to be social animals they should have sufficient furniture to accommodate a larger group than normal living rooms are used to. In such an instance, the furniture not only should appeal to the host but also need to appeal to a large variety of guests Librans will entertain in their apartment.

If the apartment has a spacious balcony or a terrace, patio furniture can set up in such spaces. Since Librans are fond of outdoors and outdoor activity, it will bring a vibrance of being outdoors and the convenience of staying at home.

Bring some outdoors indoor

Librans would be the ones who have suffered a great deal of mental agony in the recent lockdowns mandated by various governments. Librans love being outdoors and they have not been able to enjoy it for quite a while now.

Some relief can be brought about by bringing some outdoor elements to the home. Exercise equipment and other sports equipment can serve as suitable surrogates for the outdoors. They cannot replace the feeling of being outdoors completely. But in the current scenario, this is the best Librans will be able to do. In fact, no one can do anything beyond it.

A wise choice for indoor sports equipment is the FlexiSpot Sit2Go fitness chair. It is a relatively compact cycling chair that can bring the feeling of riding a bicycle indoors. At least as close as possible.

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Librans have a deep sense of fairness, harmony, and balance in everything they do. They also demand the same level of balance in the interior decor they choose. Since they are natural leaders and easily become the life of social groups, their homes need to accommodate guests too. With the decor that suits the heart and that pleases a large number of people, Librans again have to do a balancing act.

Colors create very important traits for the interior of Librans homes. It is best to use neutral colors for backgrounds and vibrant colors for decorative elements in the home. Some colors are also lucky for Librans.

Librans love symmetry and that aesthetic aspect should be reflected in the house they live too. Also, since Librans love to be outdoors, bring some outdoor elements within the home is a welcome idea. Sports equipment that fits in regular apartments is the best choice.

A cycling chair is a great option that will fit in a compact space, help to exercise, and give a feeling of doing some outdoor activity. It is not a perfect alternative to actually going outdoors. But it can serve the purpose in periods of lockdowns mandated by governments. It can also be helpful when there is rain or snow. It can be used to work out when the weather and conditions outside the home are less than perfect. The cycling chair provides a stable avenue to good exercise and as an energy providing machine.