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Levelling Up Your Corner Space For Your L Shaped-Desk: What No One Is Talking About!

26 September 2022

After growing tired of your boring, inefficient corner desk, you've decided to join the L-shaped desk revolution. So many opportunities, right? Have you just realised it? Every time you close your eyes, you're bombarded by RGB lights. Want to daydream about having more desk space?

L-shaped workstations are ideal for corner rooms since they allow you to separate your working and leisure time while still making use of the whole room. Whether it's office work from home, online gaming with buddies, storyboarding your script, or binge-watching your favourite programme while eating sashimi, L-shaped workstations offer the perfect setting for uncountable at-home pursuits. L-shaped desks are very popular because of their structural versatility, thanks to their compact size and convenient layout.

One of the first steps in making the most of your nook space is figuring out what furniture and accessories would fit in there. Can you give me a sense of the size of the place? What pieces of furniture will be close by, and will there be a need for rearranging? The window or the wall? Is there going to be plenty of natural light, or will a lamp be necessary? Can you fit a small amp next to your workstation so you can hone your guitar skills? How would you like the walls to look? Do you have any awards that you could put on display? Should your nook be geared for gamers or workers, or should it be able to move between the two? These are all valid points.

Figure Out the Practical Stuff

This seems like a reasonable starting point. We continue to place a premium on ease, convenience, and adaptability. Consider an L-shaped standing desk, which can be configured to fit into any corner because its side panel may be placed on either the left or the right. The L-shaped desk's side panel is removable, allowing you to disassemble it and reassemble it with the panel on the opposite end. It all depends on your preferred method of organisation.

Can you use a standing workstation at your L-shaped desk? You may need to make some adjustments if that's the case; for example, is the desk going to be too close to the wall and get caught on the rising window panelling? Will your cable management be affected by the frequent height adjustments?

Assuming you've removed any obstructions, you're now starting with a clean slate. Put together your L-shaped desk so you can get to work sprucing up your workspace.

In the wake of assembling your L-shaped desk, you may start stocking it with the necessary items. A computer, display, keyboard, game console, printer, and a desk or table to jot down ideas and sketches. Is it beginning to resemble a familiar place?

Make It Adaptable to Work & Play

L-shaped desks are becoming increasingly popular because of the convenience they provide for those working from home or while broadcasting online. Since they can accommodate a variety of activities, from work to play, WFH to gaming, L-shaped workstations are a popular choice in offices.

L-shaped workstations are perfect for home-based workers and gamers, thanks to their ample surface space and small footprint. An expansive desktop has enough room for many monitors, a sketchpad, and a game console or two. If your L-shaped desk also functions as a standing desk, you can take advantage of it whenever you choose. Even if you're working from home, getting up and moving about every once in a while is important.

Give It a Dose of Your Own Style

The item you received might or could not have RGB lights. Regardless of your final choice, you are, albeit unknowingly, beginning to curate the look and feel of your corner setting.

It's possible that those who opted for the L-shaped desk have a favourite shade they wear most often. Then, plan out the rest of your corner furniture arrangement based on that information. Do you want things to go together? Or maybe you're trying to find a complementary hue. You can use colour or not as you see fit to decorate your space.

Whether or not your floor is carpeted will influence your decorating choices; a printed rug can inject some life into a dull nook. Curtains and lighting fixtures are also significant contributors to the ambience.

We could have put this in the "work and play" section, but perhaps music is something you enjoy doing in your spare time. Placing a guitar stand next to your L-shaped desk will give your corner workspace some much-appreciated geometric diversity and character. After all, there's more to a place than meets the eye.

Bottom Line

Focus on the details that matter most. Find a happy medium between your work and your free time. From there, you can dress to your heart's content. If you remember all of this, you'll have a far better corner setup than before. Check out Flexispot's L-shaped desks as the first step in rearranging your workspace.