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Level Up Your Gaming with a Standing Desk

22 July 2021

When it comes to getting a gamer's fantasy setup, a height-adjustable standing desk, and PC gaming go hand-in-hand. People can sit at a conventional layout workstation for hours on end playing video games and not feel differently about their health. Only after they have finished playing do they become aware of the problems linked with prolonged gaming sessions.

Any professional video game enthusiast who spends too much time in front of a screen risks developing health concerns. Average gamers may spend less time playing video games, but it can be hard to prevent bingeing on fantastic games at times. Even though an ergonomic chair can enhance people's posture, the dilemma of excessive sitting has not been remedied.

With the video game industry surpassing $100 billion in annual revenue in 2017, it's no surprise that standing desk providers are attempting to cut out a piece of the pie by developing “gaming desks,” which are essentially standing desks with decorations on the work surface or speakers embedded into the desk. Do gamers, on the other hand, require standing desks? In regards to health, the answer is unequivocal yes. The days spent sitting in front of a computer by enthusiasts are just as detrimental as the hours spent working behind a desk. While we are primarily concerned with the workplace, the health benefits of standing do not end when you clock out. There is no excuse why gamers should not profit from height-adjustable standing desks in the same manner that everyone else does.

Work and gaming are at different ends of the cognitive spectrum. Work is work, and gaming is fun. Gamers may be hesitant to take a stand for the concern of jeopardizing their comfort. Most individuals want to live healthier lives, but few are willing to sacrifice the quality of their leisure time to do so. Your health is the most crucial factor. Your current office setup could be the source of all your problems. A height-adjustable standing desk may provide you with a myriad of health advantages, one of which is reducing back pain.

Although standing is preferable, sitting is also beneficial. It is critical to strike the proper balance between how much you stand and how much you sit during the day. Standing up may provide you with the edge you want in a more cutthroat style game. Alternatively, in a more casual style game where planning is required, you may feel the need to lower the desk and set it to the optimal level for your comfort. Most gamers nowadays stay with a tried-and-true gaming system, such as a dependable mechanical keyboard and mouse or a slimline gaming controller. However, this does not imply that they must always sit in the very same position. While you cannot stand freely while using a keyboard and mouse, a height-adjustable standing desk may be the ideal answer. When it comes to maintaining a gamer's health, a FlexiSpot standing desk would be an excellent choice.

So, what's in standing while gaming for you?

Calorie Burning

When you stand for an extended period, you consume more calories. Obesity is one of the dreadful ailments that strike professional gamers, and it can cause diabetes and a variety of other health issues. When standing, you burn more calories per minute and have a faster heartbeat than when you sit. Prolonged sitting may be as dangerous as smoking, so some people claim that sitting is the new smoking. There is no body-shaming here; we simply hope you're enjoying the gaming experience without jeopardizing your health.

Better Focus

There are numerous methods for staying focused throughout an intense gaming session. Many gamers turn to sugary energy drinks, coffee, or the proper soundtrack to remain focused on their task. Everyone uses a unique approach, but having a standing desk could be enough to give you that concentration boost without a need for whatever else. A standing desk for gaming could be the smart choice for you if you're searching for an excuse to cut back on snacks and sugary drinks while staying focused healthily.

Health Improvement

Too much of anything is harmful, and sitting is no exception. If you do the math, the amount of time you spend sitting in a day between commute, meals, business hours, and leisure activities like watching TV or playing video games might easily add up to ten hours. The remedy is to spend less time sitting. This means transitioning from a typical desk to an active workstation, such as a standing or treadmill desk for very many people. If you can't get a standing desk at work, you can cut your sitting time by 2 or 3 hours by turning your gaming desk into a standing desk.

Energy Booster

This is probably the most obvious tip, and it extends not only to gamers but to everyone who spends excessive periods staring at a screen. Standing up offers you a lot more energy. Experts believe that a sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to our health, promotes tiredness, and can even make us feel more miserable. A straightforward approach to counter this is to change our position, whether sitting or standing, regularly during the day. Changing from sitting to standing can help keep your blood circulating and provide you with a different perspective that livens your circumstances and offers you renewed attention.

Longer Gaming

You can play for more extended periods if you are active, focused, relaxed, and in good condition. Because of the adaptability and comfort provided by a height-adjustable standing desk, you will be better fitted to handle those extended gaming marathons. If you need to battle it out or accomplish multiple tasks in a single session, having a comfy and ergonomic setup will help you stay motivated for extended periods. With the proper desk, you can make the most of your leisure time while still gaming in comfort and style.

When it comes to gaming, enjoying the best setup to attain the best outcomes is critical. Height-adjustable standing desks may appear expensive, but they are a long-term commitment to your health and yourself. Suppose you are a serious gamer searching for a competitive advantage or staying energized for more extended periods. In that case, a height-adjustable standing desk may be precisely what you need!