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Join The Desk Bike Revolution

28 March 2022

Do you sit at your desk all day long? You are probably well aware of the health consequences of this, including an increased risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Some experts have gone as far as to say that ‘sitting is the new smoking.’ Even if you hit the gym for a long session straight after work, it will not undo the damage done by sitting still for 8 hours straight. But, how do you avoid this? Your job requires you to be sat at your desk from 9-5, there is simply no avoiding that. This is exactly why the innovative desk bike is gaining in popularity. The desk bike fits neatly underneath your desk, allowing you to pedal as you sit and work. Want to find out more? Here, we discuss the benefits of a desk bike and how to choose the best one for you.

What Are The Benefits Of A Desk Bike?

1. Stay Fit and Healthy

If you are looking to invest in a desk bike, then you are keen to combat the risks associated with a sedentary job. It can prove difficult to incorporate movement into your hectic work schedule, with a million emails to reply to and an ever-growing list of outstanding tasks. A desk bike offers a clever solution - allowing you to conveniently and discreetly add exercise into your workday. Pedalling on a desk bike will help to burn calories, strengthen your muscles and get the blood pumping around your body. Keeping active while at your desk will also help to lower the risk of aches and pains that can sometimes develop when you sit still for long periods of time. As an added bonus, exercise will help to strengthen your immune system - something we all could do with at the moment!

2. Stay Productive

We’ve all experienced that slump in motivation and productivity that happens after being sat still at our desk for most of the day. A lack of movement can leave us feeling lethargic and foggy-headed. Pedalling at your desk bike will stimulate your body to release endorphins, which are feel-good hormones released in response to exercise. Endorphins help to boost your mood, making you feel more motivated and completely focused on your workload. They will also help to relieve any stress or anxiety caused by long days in the office.

 3. Burn Calories

When you work long hours, finding the time to hit the gym or go for a run can be difficult. However, burning off excess calories is essential when you spend most of the day sitting at your desk. An under desk bike will help you to effectively burn calories and fat. The machines usually have a range of resistance levels, so that you can customise your workout to meet your fitness goals. Placed on a low resistance, you will hardly notice that you are pedalling, but this continuous movement can really burn calories - up to around 100 calories a day! Over the course of your 5 day work week, this will add up to a staggering 500 calories! Not bad considering you are getting your work done at the same time. Over time, you will forget you are even pedalling!

 4. Stop You Fidgeting

Do you notice that you become fidgety after being cooped up at your desk for several hours? This is completely normal - after all our bodies are designed to be active and move around frequently. When we sit still for prolonged periods of time, our pent up energy has got to be released somehow. You may start to fidget your feet, tap your fingers or stretch out your legs. A desk bike helps you to channel this excess energy into pedalling, helping you to focus on your work instead of how your body is feeling.

How To Choose A Good Desk Bike?

So, now you know the benefits of a desk bike, but how do you choose the right one?

If you are planning on sitting at your desk bike for long periods of time, you must choose one that is both robust and comfortable. There is no point investing in a desk bike if it's just going to leave you feeling uncomfortable for the whole day.

When looking at different models of desk bikes, you should consider the following:

  1. Does it have an adjustable seat height?
  2. What is the weight capacity?
  3. Does it have adjustable resistance levels?
  4. Do you want an under desk chair or one with an integrated desk?
  5. Does it have a tracking display?
  6. Does it make a noise?

Check out Flexispot’s desk bikes

Check out Flexispot’s range of desk bikes here. The Cycle Desk Bike V9 Pro offers all of the features needed to keep you healthy and productive while at work. With a pneumatic adjustment level, an integrated digital display, 8 resistance levels, whisper-quiet operation and 1-minute assembly, this is an ideal choice for staying active at work.