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Is A Gaming Chair Right For You?

23 February 2022


If you’re a gaming enthusiast, it might be time to investigate gaming chairs.

These handy pieces of furniture are designed to keep you comfortable and healthy whilst you play. Most chairs are ergonomically designed and offer adjustable setups to make sure they fit your specific needs.

But, how do you know which chair will be best for you? Keep reading to discover what gaming chairs do and how they can improve your gaming life.

What Is A Gaming Chair?

Like ergonomic office chairs, gaming chairs are designed with comfort and posture in mind. They tend to be crafted with smart fabrics and durable materials, allowing the chair to be long-lasting and effective at keeping you cool whilst you play.

Not only that, but gaming chairs often come with a signature look. Unlike office chairs, these pieces often have a racing-style design that can feature different colours and designs for a sleek finish.

How Can A Gaming Chair Improve Your Life?

Are you interested in trying one of these chairs out for yourself? Here are some top benefits that a gaming chair can give you.

Added Comfort

This is perhaps the most obvious benefit, but gaming chairs make your experience more comfortable. Instead of sitting hunched over on a standard chair or half laying down on your bed, a gaming chair will support your back and shoulders. Gaming chairs usually feature thick padding and armrests, improving your posture without you noticing.

Using a gaming chair will improve any:

  • Backaches
  • Shoulder tension
  • Neck pain
  • & more

If you’ve been noticing any of these pains whilst playing, it might be time to try a gaming chair.

They’re Movable

Sometimes you want to move around whilst you’re sitting down, and this isn’t a quality all chairs offer. The majority of gaming chairs do, however, come with wheels (aka noiseless pulleys). This allows you to move around freely without your feet touching the floor.

While this isn’t a must-have feature for everyone, it’s worth considering if you have ample space at home.

They Can Improve Your Concentration

Since gaming chairs let you sit more comfortably, they also improve your concentration. Let’s face it, it can be hard to focus on a game when your back hurts and your shoulders feel tense. A well-constructed gaming chair removes these aches and pains for a seamless gaming experience and potentially some new high scores.

You Can Relax More

Similar to the last point, the extra comfort and lack of pain will keep you more relaxed. Whether you’re playing a leisurely game or using the chair to get some work done, you’ll feel much better than you would on a standard chair. Ideal for anyone who wants to destress with a gaming session after a hard day at the office.

The Chairs Are Adjustable

One of the key perks of a gaming chair is its adaptable features. As we are all different heights and sizes, one chair doesn’t fit all of our needs. Luckily, designers have found ways to make these chairs fit all needs.

Many gaming chairs have adjustable hand rests and backrests too. Some chairs also feature detachable lumbar cushions and headrests to improve your posture and experience. Sit your way with a Flexisport gaming chair.

Gaming Chairs Last For Years

Another reason you should consider investing in a gaming chair is that they often last for years. Though gaming chairs can cost more, they are made with some of the best materials. Since these materials are high-quality, they’re more durable, and you can often use a gaming chair for years before you see any visible wear on the piece.

They Are Stylish

Finally, gaming chairs just look cool. At the end of the day, though these chairs offer a range of health benefits, they also add a touch of style to your room too. With a racer-like design and bold colours, these chairs will make you want to spend more time gaming.

Where Can I Find A Gaming Chair?

Ready to start your gaming chair journey? Flexispot is here to help. We offer two premium gaming chairs to ensure you can sit comfortably whilst playing. From a sophisticated blue design to a bold red option, our chairs are aesthetically pleasing and economically sound.

If you are interested in a Gaming Chair with a detachable headrest and lumbar cushion, check this one out. However, if you’d rather opt for an ergonomic design with a game mode and a rest mode, try this chair.

The Bottom Line

Gaming is a great hobby, but if you’ve realised that it’s taking a toll on your back, you might want to consider investing in a gaming chair. These chairs do need an initial investment, but they’ll be with you for years to come.

Want to explore more Flexispot products? Check out our new arrivals here.