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Introducing the E2Q Standing Desk: The Fitness-Boosting Product Your Home Office Needs

03 November 2023

Standing desks are increasing in popularity, and for good reason. These items of office furniture have transformed how many employees work - both in the office at at home - and can be a serious game changer for personal fitness.

With that in mind, let's take a look at exactly why standing desks are so great and introduce you to our new one - the E2Q. We just know you're going to love it!

Why Invest in a Standing Desk?

If you're new to standing desks or height-adjustable desks, you're probably wondering what the big deal is. But, when chosen correctly, a standing desk can revolutionise the way you work for the better. Here's how.

Boost fitness

Let's be honest, it's not great for your health to sit at a desk all day. Not only do you burn fewer calories when sitting vs standing or walking, but it can lead to problems with posture and even impact your levels of fitness.

When you invest in a standing desk, you can stand or even walk on a small treadmill underneath the desk, avoiding the negative long-term health effects that come with a sedentary lifestyle. It's the perfect way to boost your fitness without having to invest in a gym membership.

Beat boredom

Sitting in the same spot all day can be undeniably boring. Luckily, a standing desk can help you beat boredom by providing you with something different to do while you work. Simply stick some music on and go for a stroll - all without having to leave your desk!

Improve concentration

Have you ever found that you've had your best ideas during a walk? Many people find that going for a walk helps to get their creative juices flowing and makes them more productive. With a standing desk that allows you to walk underneath it, you can improve concentration and boost your performance at work as a result.

Improve posture

Sitting all day, especially if you slump, can have a detrimental effect on your posture. Standing helps improve it. With a standing desk, you can attend video calls, send emails, and carry out tasks all while standing on your feet and boosting posture. Who needs yoga when you have a standing desk?!

Boost mood

If there's one underrated bonus of exercise, it's the boost to your mood you enjoy while moving your body, which is actually backed by studies. With a standing desk, you can walk while you work, allowing you to enjoy these mental health benefits of movement without having to leave the house.

Introducing the E2Q 4-Leg Standing Desk: FlexiSpot's Revolutionary New Product

Here at FlexiSpot, we're passionate about keeping you healthier and happier at work through our products. From ergonomic chairs to standing desks, we create office furniture that's great for your health and allows you to be more comfortable and productive while you work. Our E2Q standing desk is no exception.

Using an innovative dual-motor system on a robust 4 adjustable desk column, this standing desk is as tough as it is durable, able to withstand plenty of weight and easier than ever to adjust to your perfect height. The 4-leg design ensures that the desk is super stable at all height ranges, so you can enjoy rock-solid support that inspires confidence and supports optimal productivity.

Everything You Need to Know

The E2Q has an adjustable height range of 72 cm-117 cm, making it an excellent multi-purpose workstation. Use it for work, studying, or even gaming! It comes with numerous desktop options and colours, so you can match the design of your standing desk to the design of your home office.

The desk works with desktops that are 1200 mm-2000 mm long and 800 mm-900 mm deep. It's not just for home offices, either. Consider using the E2Q as a kitchen worktop, dining table, or even a professional music setup.

It couldn't be easier to use, either. It's adjustable with just one touch and comes with a digital control pad that allows for precision, helping you craft the perfect ergonomic setup. The embedded USB charging port ensures you'll never run out of juice, while the cable management net helps you achieve a clutter-free home office. For a desk that's as stylish as it is beneficial, look no further than this revolutionary product brought to you by the office furniture experts (that's us!).

To find out more about the E2Q as well as our transformative range of height-adjustable standing desks and ergonomic chairs, head to our website where you'll find our comprehensive range of products. Better health and happiness in the workplace are waiting for you on the other side of the checkout.