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Introducing Flexispot's Creative Concept: Behind the Scenes

27 February 2024

Behind the Scenes of our Creative Concept Videos!

From day one at FlexiSpot, we've been proudly developing focused, and always looking ahead to where we want to be and how we want to get there. Providing you with the best in ergonomic support and high design is our absolute mission from the standing desk, to ergonomic chair or recliner chair.

We know that the storytelling behind our work is an important part of connecting with you individually, and sharing our latest advancements with you in a way that makes sense is what shows you we are a brand you can trust!

We wanted to find a way to share the full breadth of our products with you, encompassing all they can do and the spirit behind our efforts. Unlike static images or text descriptions, our brand videos allow you to see the product in action, providing a more immersive and informative experience, whilst also engaging you with the energy of our range and how it can directly improve your work and home life. How do our products make you feel? The best way to discover this is to connect with a product video!

In this article, we'll be getting behind the scenes of our latest creative concept videos, highlighting some of our favorite products - we're thrilled to share them with you! Let's look at the stories behind FlexiSpot, and what our favorite products could mean for you!

Athletic Focus with the E7 Pro Standing Desk

Right where we started; reimagining and energising your workday! We love the fun message in this video, showcasing how our incredible E7 Pro standing desk can give you the motivation and energy of a marathon runner instead of struggling with the afternoon slump! A standing desk can completely change your concept of the workday, and refresh your focus, on whatever the day has to offer you.

Redefining your workspace, the sleek design and advanced features seamlessly ergonomic athletics of the E7 Pro offer adaptability and comfort for every workstation. With electric height adjustment, it effortlessly transitions between sitting and standing positions, encouraging dynamic movement throughout the day. The spacious work surface accommodates all your essentials, fostering a clutter-free environment for enhanced focus. Programmable height presets ensure personalized comfort, while durable construction ensures stability and reliability. Embrace a new era of work with the E7 Pro, and charge to the finish line!

Strength and Comfort with the X2 Recliner

From hitting the gym to keeping up with the household chores, every day can look different but we all need a space to relax and recuperate when our work is done. What better opportunity once you've finished with the barbell to kick back and relax in absolute style and ergonomic support in our X2 Recliner?

Athlete or not, the Recliner X2 offers the ultimate relaxation after intense training sessions or a hard day at work. The adjustable reclining angle allows you to find the perfect position to soothe tired muscles and alleviate tension. Crafted with premium materials, including plush padding and breathable upholstery, it enhances comfort while promoting airflow for optimal relaxation. Whether unwinding after a strenuous workout or just a long week, the Recliner X2 creates a cozy retreat to nurture well-being.

Adapt Your Style with the BS12 Pro

Our Barber's Shop video says it all - where else can you find a chair that works from the office to your new cut at a moment's notice?! At FlexiSpot, we developed the BS12 Pro to adapt to your every need, with speedy yet safe height and tilt customization at your fingertips without sacrificing our signature ergonomic support.

The FlexiSpot Fabric Ergonomic Chair BS12 Pro is a versatile seating solution designed to adapt seamlessly to a variety of tasks and activities. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort and support, making it suitable for long hours of work, study, relaxation - or the perfect new hairstyle!

The adjustable features, including height, armrests, and lumbar support, allow users to customize the chair to their unique preferences and requirements. Whether you're typing away at your desk, attending virtual meetings, or taking a moment to unwind with a book, the BS12 Pro provides the flexibility needed to stay comfortable and focused. Its breathable fabric upholstery adds to the adaptability, ensuring temperature regulation for extended periods of sitting. With its robust construction and ergonomic design, the BS12 Pro accommodates different body types and promotes proper posture, reducing the risk of discomfort or strain.

From productive work sessions to moments of leisure, this chair effortlessly transitions between tasks, enhancing productivity and well-being in any setting: your versatile companion for every task.

Get The Full Story

However, our products and production don't tell our full story. Part of what elevates the brand and makes us consistently proud of our FlexiSpot family is the social impact we've made in our communities.

From leading in ergonomic furniture production to excelling in community support and development, we're incredibly proud to have received several awards for our efforts.

We're proud to work closely with the German Red Cross having received their Good Company 2022 award, and continue to monitor our carbon footprint as an organization and ways to limit our impact with Carbon Neutral. With over 10 million happy customers, we're honored that TechRadar has rated our standing desks #1 in 2021 and again in 2022, alongside receiving the Innovation Award in Ergonomics for 2023.

At FlexiSpot, we believe that working with integrity and a collective mission is central to a happy team, satisfied customers, and a business and community that thrives. As our creative concept continues to develop and we take greater strides forward, we'll be sure to share them with you here - we want you along for the journey with us.