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Importance of a Mat for Standing Desk

26 Apr. 2021

We are all aware of the harmful effects of sitting for long periods of time on our health. A sedentary lifestyle can result in health complications that include obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and musculoskeletal problems. Sit-standing desks are a good way to prevent these health problems in the office space. It allows the workers to transition between sitting and standing throughout the day. In regards to standing, what is the healthiest way?

Most of the time, offices have hard floors or very thin carpet tiles. Standing on these kinds of floors for long periods can be tiresome and uncomfortable for the legs as well as damaging the lower joints that include the knees, ankles, and hips, inflammation in the feet and legs, and muscular fatigue. To relieve these problems, a mat for a standing desk is a very simple and cost-effective solution.

What is a standing desk mat?

A standing desk mat is a small, lightweight anti-fatigue mat that can easily be lifted up and transport so it can be used to stand at the standing desk. When sitting, it can move it out of the way. It’s made of a pliant, shock-absorbent material to provide relief while standing. It has bevelled edges to prevent people from accidentally tripping on them.

How does the mat work?

Anti-fatigue mats promote micro-movements that let the muscles contract and expand as they move to the softness of the mat and work to keep their balance. These micro-movements can help improve blood flow and oxygen to the heart and distribute even pressure all through the lower limbs. This minimizes the strain on muscles and joints and relieves any associated pain.

The health benefits of the mat for standing desk

  • Stimulates blood circulation.


  • Improves posture.


  • Reduces stiffness in joints by encouraging minor but regular shifts in standing position.


  • Less pressure on the spine and back muscles, resulting in less low back pain.


  • Minimizes the energy used by supporting muscles, relieving muscle fatigue.


  • Relieves tension in the shoulders and neck, thereby reducing the likelihood of headaches.


  • Relieves foot pressure.


  • Provides a buffer against cold floors, which further fatigue the body.


Key Features to Lookout in mats for standing desk:

  • Work injuries occur not only in high physically demanding jobs. It can happen in office settings as they are in labor-intense workplaces. Workplace safety is essential for both the employees and the employer.

  • In an office setting, sitting or standing in one place for a long period of time is painful. Muscles can't stretch and move all day become sore. To keep those muscles toned, they need to move and exercise.

To keep the body healthy for a lifetime, it needs to exercise daily. But how can you exercise at work?

There is no need to back into the gym. We can give you tips to keep the body healthy and less fatigued while at work. The best solution is standing mats for work.

Standing desks are great substitutes for sitting desks. The benefits of standing desks include lower risk of heart disease, back pain, and weight gain. In order to get the full benefits of standing desks, you'll need the best standing desk mat.

 Features in Choosing a Mat for Standing Desk

Standing desk mats are great Ergonomic products. Ergonomic office products help increase activity while keeping you alert and productive.

To find the best standing desk mat on the market and to keep your legs and feet comfortable and stimulated, these key features are important for the perfect mat to compliment your standing desk.

  1. Specifications

Product descriptions have specifications. Standing desk mats have specifications for length, width, and height. The size and thickness of the mat will see how much floor space to move around on and how much cushion it can support you.

A larger-sized mat has more flexibility for more movements and exercises. With more mat space to stand on, there are more options to use aside from making only small movements. For workers who like to stand with a wider stance, larger size mats are perfect.

Thicker mats have more cushion in them than thinner mats. Thicker mats are more comfortable for the feet going all the way to the hips. A thicker cushion prevents fatigue, making it the best anti-fatigue mat.

  1. Material

A water and stain-resistant material work great in the office setting. Spilled liquids are no longer a problem for high-quality foam mats since they can be cleaned easily. Avoid mats made with vinyl covers. They sometimes have hidden defects!

Mats made with high-quality foam can be wiped clean easily with a damp cloth. To avoid slipping, it also must a non-slip material. So, if it is placed on any hard surface such as tile, hardwood, and even carpet, it won’t slip when someone steps on it.

A mat that prevents slippage is a good safety measure. This will eliminate any slip accidents in the office workspace.

  1. Convenience

A mat that can be easily moved from the standing desk is very convenient and suited for storage. On a busy day in the office, people are always moving around and want things to be out of the way when walking. Some of the mats can be allowed to use your foot to move it under or to the side of the desk thus avoiding bending down to pick it up.

  1. Active vs Flat

Standing desk mats have two distinct styles: active and flat. An active mat has a contoured surface, whereas a flat mat doesn’t have any.

The active mat comes with sidewalls that make stretches the calves while standing easy. Active mats have a massage ball that is in the center. The massage ball stretches the feet and can be used to slide the mat out of the way.

Ergonomic flat mats can be used other than office spaces. Flat mats cab be used in homes, garages, workshops, and other living spaces to lessen fatigue.  Any work that requires standing for a long period of time needs standing mats to ease the pain of standing too long.

  1. Bevelled Edges

A bevelled edge shows that the edges are not perpendicular to the structure. Bevelled edges prevent the mat from distorting and curling around the edges over time. It keeps the mat to stay flat and prevents it from becoming a tripping hazard.

Bevelled edges are an important feature on flat mats since active mats have edges of different sizes. Bevelled edges eliminate the flat mat from being a safety hazard. It makes it easier to step on and off the mat.


Ensure the mat is thick and large enough for standing, that it is made from durable materials, and that it's a style that looks nice for the home or office spaces. to find the proper mat, go to

Choosing the right standing desk mat is easy. If you can check our website, off when shopping around. Shop here to find high-quality active and flat mats for your needs.

A standing desk mat is an essential part of an ergonomic workstation. It’s a small investment that makes a big impact on health and productivity. Increased comfort makes it easier to focus for longer periods of time for greater productivity and a healthier lifestyle.

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