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How To teach Your Children About Posture

23 March 2022

As parents, we work hard so that our children learn, grow and continue their mental and physical development.

Teaching your child the correct posture is part of healthy growth. Teaching your children how to sit and stand correctly both ensures a healthier development of the musculoskeletal system and helps your child to be stronger and happier psychologically.

If we look at today's modern society, children are spending more time sitting than they did in previous generations. School hours are long, the television provides endless entertainment and video games are the new playgrounds – therefore teaching your child the correct sitting potion is crucial while they undertake all these activities.

Incorrect posture habits acquired at an early age may cause various problems in the musculoskeletal system in the future. Incorrect posture and sitting disorders have a large share in the formation and progression of some diseases such as hypertension, obesity, and diabetes.

The preservation of the natural posture of the body is very important both physiologically and psychologically. Promoting good postural habits will help your children adopt a good posture throughout their lifetime, and help to prevent any issues associated with misalignment.

Talk to Your Kids About Posture

Children may involuntarily hunch over and stand with low shoulders while sitting or walking. Although you may give our children warnings such as "stand straight" and "don't slouch", these warnings are quickly forgotten – as the underlying importance of this advice is not clearly understood by young people.

It is important that a straight posture becomes a habit in order for your child to constantly maintain a correct posture. Creating awareness in your child is the key point in developing good postural habits more quickly. If you just tell your child to stand up straight every time he slouches.

This may seem like a rather boring and useless warning to kids. But consistent and simple communication will help to increase their awareness over time.

Be The Example

Children, especially very young children, love to imitate their parents. Children absorb information like little sponges and they will watch everything you do with a keen eye, so if you adopt a good posture yourself, it is likely your kids will do too.

Reward Your Kids

Rewarding our children and reinforcing good behavior and habits with positive words is an affirmation technique used by many child development specialists. Children, by nature, seek approval and appreciation from their families in return for their actions.

Compliment your children on their good posture, not only will it reinforce the habit, but it will also give your child a confidence boost.

Do not be afraid to compliment, praise, and reward your children. Let them know that they are valuable. In this way, your child will seek out ways to demonstrate good posture, and over time, it will turn it into a habit/

Affirmations and rewards you make are also very important in your child's mental development. Children who feel valued and loved, become more self-confident in all aspects of their life.

Let Your Children Participate in Activities

Various physical activities such as sports or dancing help your child's musculoskeletal system to develop properly. Correct posture and correct use of the body are also supported by such activities.

Your child spends hours sitting at school during class, when they come home, it is important to encourage your child to participate in a physical activity before settling down to do homework or watch TV.

In other words, if you direct your child to after-school activities and sports, you will help them to develop their muscles and have a proper skeletal system. Moving for at least 30 minutes per day after school will also help your child to retain focus while completing homework.

In today's world, there are many meditative activities such as yoga and tai-chi for children. These are fantastic activities are fun and engaging ways to show kids how the body should be used, and how they can prevent injury with correct posture and balance.

The Importance Of Ergonomics For Kids

Many of our children spend most of their days at a desk during school hours, and will likely sit again to watch TV, play board games with friends or the family, and sit again to complete homework.

These are all normal and healthy activities, so it is important to be mindful of the height of your child's desk and chair and make sure they have suitable seating to keep their posture aligned.

Making sure your children have the healthiest and best start in life is every parent’s priority. Promoting and encouraging good posture has a positive impact on your child’s development and confidence.