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How to Set Up Your Modern Office Desk

26 April 2021

Are you striving to achieve convenience, comfort, and efficiency while working from home? There may be a solution for your constant working from home frustrations. The key to a productive and effective work environment at home is to have a designated space for you to utilize and take advantage of. 

You deserve better than a metal desk and an extra chair tucked into a spare corner, whether your home office is a dedicated space for running a company, your remote workspace, or simply a nook for executing your job responsibilities can be an advantage. Having an office that matches the style and comfort of the rest of your home is a place where you will want to work longer hours.

In this post, we will be sharing tips and techniques in helping you to properly set up a good home office that does the work for you.

Tips for Building a Home Office

1. Have a good location to set your home office up.

Do not carelessly dedicate a space for your home office because you will be spending a lot of time there. Remember the flow of traffic and the ability to stay focused in the face of distractions. Do you want to work in a bustling environment, or should your office be tucked away in a quiet corner? For videoconferences or online meetings, you will need a designated place for you to effortlessly and successfully do it.

2. Do not make the mistake of sacrificing form for function.

Your desk, shelves, and storage should work for you, not against you. Before you buy furniture, think about your workflow and what you need at your fingertips, and then look for pieces that are both beautiful and practical. You sit in your office chair for hours; an attractive, ergonomically right, and comfortable seat is well worth the money.

3. Get yourself a good office chair for better work performance

A good office chair should have adjustable seat pan tilt, arm height, and lateral arm angle, as well as lumbar support for the lower back. It is preferable to use an armrest, but only if you use it correctly: That is, your forearm should rest gently on the armrest, with no pressure exerted by your arm against the armrest. You can check out ergonomic office chairs or accent chairs from the Internet. It entirely depends on your preference. 

4. Purchase a high-quality office desk.

Working for long hours in front of a computer can be taxing. You might want to experiment on sit-stand desks that are convertible and adjustable. This can give a better experience for you and even creates variety in your work routine. FlexiSpot has a lot of standing desks and desk bikes to offer you. Try out a renewed home office experience through innovative and ergonomic office furniture. The ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters M3 offers a variated experience of either sitting or standing with ease. 

5. Choose a color that you like for the walls.

Personalizing your home office space can even add more motivation and inspiration to work. Painting your home office room or area can affect your daily working mood. The more it is designed to your liking, the better and positive your work performance is. Learn more about how different colors can influence your mood. One advantage of having a home office is your freedom to add your personality to it rather than your time in your actual on-site office.

6. Your office area should have proper lighting.

You should make sure your workplace is well-lit to reduce eye pressure and headaches. Place a small lamp on the desk for task lighting and position the computer monitor away from any glare from a window or overhead light. Lighting is an environment that many people overlook. 

It is good to have enough indirect light to illuminate your workspace so that you can read papers and see physical objects easily. The best lighting is normally overhead lighting, such as a ceiling lamp. A good thing to consider is also adding some natural lighting to your home office area. 

7. Include office accessories for accent.

Choose items that improve the comfortable atmosphere of your workstation such as a pretty mug for a pencil holder, fashionable notepads and sticky notes, and a decorative waste bin, unless you are going for a contemporary look. You can also consider accessories that provide comfort to your home office performance. FlexiSpot has you covered. 

8. You should know how to optimize your workspace for your gadgets and wires.

A good and modern home office has a good exterior look. Little did you know that this kind of setup can enhance your overall work from home experience. By taking care of unruly cords, you can protect your home from electrical damage dangers. It is also good to find a spot that offers an easy electrical outlet for easier work. You can start by making sure your equipment is close to outlets and easy to unplug if necessary. 

9. Transform your space into a more homey and personal office setup.

For additional motivational factors for optimal work performance, you should try and set up your desk with a few cherished knickknacks, framed art, or a special picture that inspires you to build and/or finish the job so you can get out of there earlier or be able to accomplish work tasks faster. You can add and create a vision board to inspire you. Maybe you can even add a picture of your family or a certain dream that will serve as a reminder of why you are working so hard to accomplish and achieve your goals. 

10. It is essential to have stable internet service.

Most cities and suburbs have at least one high-speed internet provider; 50Mbps is the minimum speed to aim for, and the more users using the internet at the same time, the faster the service should be.

Your home's bandwidth is also essential. If possible, link your device to your router through an Ethernet cable; this is particularly important if you do video or other bandwidth-intensive work. If you cannot wire your machine to your router, Wi-Fi is perfect for simple office work.


A great home office should ideally be a separate space in your home that is properly outfitted for work. Do as much of the following as you can to create an effective, safe workspace for the long term. Having a dedicated space can help you focus and get things done.