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How to set up the best gaming area

06 April 2022

Gaming has come a long way since children used to sit cross-legged on the floor playing Sega Mastersystem. Today the gaming industry is worth $173 billion and with prizes in e-sports now reaching tens of millions of dollars, it is something that many more people are paying close attention to.

Whether you have ambitions to one day compete at the top of e-sports, or simply enjoy playing for fun, time spent gaming can take its toll on the body and the mind. For this reason, it’s important to set up a gaming area that not only gives you the best chance of success but provides a healthy environment at the same time.


Gaming is an activity that requires plenty of sitting so it’s no surprise that getting the right chair is vitally important. An ergonomic chair from Flexispot is a great way to start and provides a comfortable seat and swing function for optimal body performance.


Once the chair is in place you can start thinking about the best desk. While any old desk will certainly do, we do suggest going for something specifically designed with gaming in mind for the best possible gaming experience.

Our electric gaming desk comes with a laminate top and can be raised and lowered electronically to allow you to both stand and sit while gaming. If you are planning on playing for several hours, this is the perfect option that means you won’t have to stop.


Now that you’ve got your chair and desk, it’s time to think about a monitor. When positioning your monitor, try and place it just a little higher than eye level, which will help to prevent a stiff neck. It probably goes without saying, but make sure that your monitor is stable, the last thing you want is it falling down mid-game.

What kind of monitor you go with, and whether you choose a single or dual monitor is up to you and might be determined by what kind of game you’re playing, but just be aware that size isn’t always everything. A monster size screen might sound like a great idea but think carefully about how much room you have and how far back you’ll need to sit in order to see everything. If space is limited, it might well be a better idea to have a smaller monitor.  


Screen glare can be a huge annoyance and ideally, you want the room to be as dark as possible. If you’re mainly playing during the night this normally isn’t a problem, but gaming during the daytime can present a problem.

Your typical curtains are usually good enough to block out most light at night but aren’t great during the daytime, so we’d suggest investing in some decent quality black-out curtains that will effectively block everything out.

Some gamers don’t like sitting in complete darkness, but normal lights often provide a glare problem. If you do want to add a bit of light to your gaming environment there are plenty of options, including skylights, laser lights and LED lights.


Any serious gamer will tell you that sound is hugely important to the entire experience. There are a couple of options here depending on your style and preference. Ideally, you want excellent quality with surround sounds for the best possible experience. The cost comes into play here, and the best speakers around are also often some of the most expensive.

Alternatively, many gamers choose to wear headphones while gaming. This provides an intense experience, but you do need to be careful about noise levels. High volume over a long period can seriously damage your ears, so always pay attention to the recommended level.


If you’re new to gaming you’re probably itching to get going, but spending a little time making sure you have the right setup certainly pays off in the long run. Setting up the ideal gaming environment is about creating an environment and atmosphere where you feel entirely embedded in the game, that still provides a healthy environment for your body.

Just like sitting at a desk all day, gaming for long periods will leave you feeling achy and stiff so make sure that you take plenty of breaks while keeping hydrated and well-fed. If you want to go for that $40 million e-sport prize, you need to keep your body and your mind in the best possible shape.