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How to Really Enjoy a Duvet Day 

26 January 2022

The concept of ‘duvet days’ has been lurking in some employee benefits packages since the late 1990s. Still, you’d be forgiven for not understanding exactly what they are or why they exist.

A Duvet Day is basically a day off work. Importantly, it’s not like a typical day off or a sick day. Sometimes it’s not even clawed back from your annual leave allowance.

It’s something extra, something special, and best of all, it’s indulgent. A duvet day is like a secret weapon; an emergency escape card to draw on when you really need a day away from the office.

It is a rare opportunity to relax and indulge yourself without guilt or white lies. You really should make the most of it, so here’s how to fully exploit your duvet day.

The best duvet days run smoothly precisely because you’ve done a little organising ahead of time. That could be a week, a day, or even just the night before, but it is essential for a top-class duvet day experience.

Switch Off Your Alarms

Chances are you’ll wake up at the usual time, but that’s okay. The payoff is that delicious moment you realise it’s just fine to smile and drift off again.

Dress Down

Pyjamas are totally fine. Gym wear is too. Loungewear is a good compromise between the two if that’s what you feel good in. The important thing is to pick out an outfit that screams comfort.

Sort Out Snacks

If you crave quality kitchen time, putting together a delicious lunch is a bonus. Everyone else might prefer to do a little advanced preparation. 

Make up your favourite sandwich, or pre-order a delivery. Add in a tray of snacks, like fruit, nuts, crackers, dips, and of course, sweet grazing goodies. Don’t forget some juices or a flask of hot coffee. The only rule here is that calories don’t exist on duvet days,

Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

Duvet days are an excellent excuse to leave the blinds closed or the curtains drawn. Create a cosy look with mood lighting, electric candles, and perhaps an essential oil or wax burner to round things off.

Park the Tech

This is a personal choice, but perhaps you’d benefit from leaving your phone to one side? If this doesn’t cause stress, put electronic items out of sight. You can always pencil in a few moments to check them later. 

Plan Your Entertainment Options

You might drift through the day enjoying naps, tasty treats and box sets, and that is a great outcome. However, there’s no reason to restrict your choices; this is the day to be greedy without any guilt! 

Stack up those books you bought but haven’t got to yet. Grab your jigsaws, puzzle books, ukulele, knitting, or any other neglected pastime supplies. You don’t need to touch them; just know that you can.

Make a Nest

Despite its name, a duvet doesn’t actually have to figure in your plans, but it can if you’d like. Or you might grab a snugly soft blanket and hit the sofa. There are no rules here, so long as you can create a comfortable cocoon.

Give Meditation a Try

You don’t need to sit cross-legged on the floor, chanting, and burning incense to enjoy meditation. There are plenty of helpful guides online that will get you started if you have never tried meditating before. It is an easy and relaxing experience, the perfect activity for duvet days and beyond, of course.

Read a Magazine Cover to Cover

Do you follow fashion? Love the latest celebrity gossip? Puzzle over brainteasers, or enjoy getting lost in true-life stories? Whatever your tastes, a duvet day is your chance to indulge. Just for once, you can enjoy a good read without any interruptions.

Dance Yourself Dizzy

Or don’t. Duvet days have no rules unless you make them. Play your favourite tunes, or use this opportunity to try something new. You can even do that from your sofa if there’s a voice-activated helper close by.

Indulge in a Pamper Fest

Duvet days are made for hair packs, face masks, manicures and pedicures. With no clock to control plans, you could spend an entire afternoon in a bubble bath if that’s your thing. It’s a good idea to splash out on your favourite products in case an indulgent soak appeals on the day.


Something magical happens when you get the chance to change pace and slow things down. Your mind gets to wander, and all kinds of possibilities might pop up. Perhaps this is the perfect time to start planning your next holiday or to start writing a blockbuster novel.

Duvet days create possibilities, a space to enjoy freedom from daily responsibilities. That’s a priceless gift that helps us recharge and refresh our bodies and minds.