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How To Quit Sugar

19 April 2022

For many of us, sugar consumption is a difficult habit to give up, but if we knew the harm of excessive sugar consumption on our body, maybe we would take the necessary precautions to give up this habit as soon as possible.

Although your body needs a certain amount of sugar to turn it into energy, unfortunately, it cannot tolerate more than this amount.

It is recommended that a maximum of 25 grams of sugar can be consumed per day. The biggest mistake that arises in sugar consumption is that we do not know how much sugar we should consume.

Many coffee and tea consumers face health problems in old age due to the use of high amounts of sugar. This is the main reason for the emergence of many diseases. Especially packaged fruit juices and snacks contain a lot of sugar that our bodies can not tolerate. Also consumption of sugar-based foods is more common in children who have acquired unhealthy eating habits at an early age.

According to the research conducted by the American Heart Association, the amount of sugar that can be consumed daily should be 200 calories for men and 150 calories for women. Since the sugar-containing processed fructose and glucose obtained from sugar beet do not contain protein, vitamins, or any minerals, it does not contain a nutritional element that contributes to our body's health.

Ways to Quit Sugar

Sugar consumption is a habit that most people acquire from a very early age. While some families keep their children away from sugary and carbonated drinks, some do not have enough awareness about this issue and therefore it may take some effort to stop sugar consumption at later ages, but this is easier and more possible than you think.

Quit Processed Foods

The first thing you need to do to quit sugar is throw away all the chocolate, sweets, and biscuit-style foods in your house. Instead of these, try to consume snacks with nutritional value such as hazelnuts and walnuts as an alternative.

When our body does not meet its biological sugar needs, it will feel a deficiency. You may encounter this situation frequently, especially when drinking your tea or coffee. Most people who try to quit sugar claim that they cannot taste the tea or coffee they drink if they do not use sugar.

Reduce Over Time

For this reason, gradually reducing the amount of sugar in your drinks such as tea or coffee will not cause you a sudden sense of deprivation, and it will be easier for you to stay away from sugar.

When you drink unsweetened tea or coffee over time, you will get used to that taste and you will no longer need sugar. The most important point of quitting sugar is to make a plan in advance and you have to stick to this plan strictly.

You should stay away from processed foods, especially in supermarkets, and instead, meet your sugar needs from fruits. Since fruits contain natural sugar, they allow you to naturally get the calories you need to take daily.

Quitting sugar can be challenging at first, but if you don't give up and exercise your willpower, you can quit consuming sugar in a short time. One of the most important points here is to be mentally prepared. If you approach the situation with a determined awareness, your strength of resistance will increase and you will be more resilient.

What Can You Eat When You Quit Sugar?


We know the antioxidant effect of apples, and apples contain high fiber content and provide a high satiation effect when consumed.

Since high fiber diets will increase your blood sugar level, your brain will not feel the need for sugar for a while, and your sugar consumption will decrease.


With their delicious smell and taste, berries are excellent source of nutrition for your digestive system and meet your daily sugar needs.

Berries are a very sweet fruit and contain high amounts of fiber, allowing you to keep your blood sugar levels under control.

During the sugar cessation period, the daily consumption of berries is one of the most important things to meet sugar needs in a natural way.

Dark chocolate

Although we said to stay away from sugar, if you feel like you need a bit of sugar, you can consume a piece of dark chocolate, so as long as you don't exceed the limit.

Dark chocolate, with its 70% cocoa content, can be a good alternative that reduces your sugar cravings and it also helps to boost your immune system with the magnesium it contains.

Water from the Air Up bottle

According to a study, it has been said that an average of 20 million British are seriously struggling with giving up sugar.

Air Up bottles offer a unique alternative to combat this situation. These smart bottles use a technology called Retronasal scenting. Thanks to the smell, this water sends signals to your brain by making you feel like you are drinking sugary water.

As a result, you may not feel the need to consume sugar for a long time. Thanks to the refill feature of Air Up water bottles, you can limit your sugar consumption by drinking these waters for a long time.

How Long Does it Take to Quit Sugar?

Quitting sugar may seem like a very challenging idea at first. But with the right plan and conscious determination, you can reduce sugar consumption to zero.

Making a plan to quit sugar and sticking to that plan is very important. According to experts, you can easily cut off your relationship with sugar and sugar-containing foods in less than 1 month.

Quitting sugar is not easy, but it does get easier over time, By opening the doors to a sugar-free life, you will also become mentally and physically healthier and stronger.