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How to Overcome Muscle Cramps Using the Desk Bike

07 May 2021

Do you still remember the last time you had twitching muscles on the calves? How did you feel about it? Did you panic or did you try relaxing to lessen the twitching pain around that area? I had experiences of jolting pain in the calves. It was a nightmare for me. I could not move my hips and I felt like there was a bulging muscle around that area. I tried straightening my legs but the pain became more unbearable, I felt like I would be rushed to the emergency room. I remember calling my mom and she applied oil around the area that eased the pain. Although I was able to ease the sharp pain, I felt that I could not easily move that day. In today's article we will talk about:

a. the meaning of muscle cramps

b.the ways to prevent muscle cramps to overcome the recurring pain brought by muscle cramps with the help of Flexispot's V9 Desk Bike

So, let's start now with the discussion: 

I.The Meaning of Muscle Cramps:

Muscle cramps are involuntary contractions in the muscles around the area of calves most of the time but there are other body areas in which these contractions happen such as in the:

a.abdominal wall




This pain gives the sudden jolt which happens in the middle of your sleep. Even after it is relieved, there is still difficulty walking and at times can lead to imbalance. Muscle cramps usually last from seconds to 15 minutes. This pain is caused by:

a.overuse of your muscles: this happens when you do lifting or strenuous activities. This is because low blood supply occurs when you do more complex exercises 


c low levels of the following minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium

In some cases, muscle cramps are caused by underlying medical conditions such as:

a.kidney failure



d.hypothryroidism or low thyroid gland function 

e.spinal nerve compression- this occurs in the legs when you are walking or standing 

This condition is mostly harmless but it keeps happening or is persisting, going out for a check-up with the doctor is advisable because there might be underlying conditions that need to be diagnosed by the doctor. If you experience extreme conditions like loss of sensation, weakness, and pain together with muscle cramps, you need to be checked for a condition like nerve disorder. 

So, in this case, what are the treatment options when you experience muscle cramps? The following options to consider are: or cold compress:

but you need to know if you got other conditions because at times if you apply a cold compress there is a chance that the spasm might get worse

b.stretching the affected muscle:

You may try stretching your foot upward with your hand to stretch the calf muscle. This can also alleviate the pain in the muscle. 

c.trying to take anti-inflammatory medications:

This may help stretch the muscles gently 

d.taking a prescribed muscle relaxer:

You may request this from your doctor. This may help you avoid the sudden pain that you experience when muscle cramps happen in the middle of your sleep. 

The sudden pain that we encounter when experiencing muscle cramps is simply unbearable especially when the symptoms are recurring and would affect the sleep of a person. Hence, there are ways that we may try to prevent this condition. 

II.Ways to Prevent Muscle Cramps:

As they say one of the best ways to prevent muscle cramps is to avoid exercises that could cause muscle strains and injury but it is true that difficult exercises are needed by the body so to avoid these injuries try to: 

a.stretch and warm up before doing the difficult routine. By doing this, you are saving yourself from experiencing muscle strain and injury

b.avoid exercising after eating this may cause spasm in the stomach 

c.lower your intake of caffeine and chocolate bananas, drink fresh orange juice, and drink milk; these may help you increase potassium and vitamin c

These things are preventive measures and can help you overcome the pain of muscle cramps. However, there are also other ways to maintain an active workout without straining your muscles that much. The thing is what if one is overweight and needs to lose pounds but also needs to avoid muscle cramps? How could we compromise the two? In the last part of the discussion, we will talk about the: 

III. How to Overcome the Recurring Pain brought by Muscle Cramps with the Help of Flexispot's V9 Desk Bike:

When a person experiences the recurring pain of muscle cramps, he is advised to lessen heavy activities so he could avoid muscle strains but still, he needs to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. The V9 Desk bike (a piece of equipment that is powered by ergonomics) is an all-in-one desk bike that will allow you to work and at the same time to exercise. We all know that most of the people who work from home have a sedentary lifestyle. Thus, they become prone to obesity which may also trigger muscle cramps. At times too, because of a heavy workload, they tend to keep their bodies in shape. With the V9 desk bike, they don't need to worry about skipping the gym because they could do most of their gym time right at the comforts of the desk bike without leaving their work. They don't have to worry about putting so much intensity on their workout that they already strain their calf muscles. With the 8 resistance levels, they can easily adjust to the right level of workout intensity- from light to a robust workout. This product can give absolute comfort as well; it would not make the lower back feel sore and numb because of its adjustable seat. Stretching of the calf muscles can lessen the possibility of muscle cramps at night because your body would be more conditioned and the muscles would not be strained much with this innovation from Flexispot.

IV. Final Thoughts: 

A muscle cramp is a condition that no one likes experiencing. It's because it might be fatal for some. We all know that it's not just during nighttime that we might experience this but even during activities like swimming. So, preventing it from happening can be possible with the right equipment to use to alleviate such conditions.