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How to make your office environmentally friendly

17 March 2022

Becoming more environmentally friendly is a noble idea and if doing so is on your agenda, you’re not alone. According to research, more than three quarters of us want to learn to be more environmentally friendly. This might mean ditching the unnecessary car journeys, reducing energy waste, or shopping local.

Given that we spend more of our lives in the workplace, it makes sense to begin our quest to being more environmentally conscious here. You might be asking yourself, how can I make my office more sustainable? How can I reduce paper waste? Are there ways to reduce energy costs at work? Are the suppliers I work with ethical?

Whatever your reasons for becoming more environmentally friendly, there are a number of ways you can achieve this, in your home office or your company’s office.

It starts with small changes and eventually, leads to huge benefits. Not just for your office and the environment, but for yourself too. Here are some of our top tips for making friends with the environment.

Going Green, Literally

Plants in the office have a great number of positive benefits. Firstly, and most relevant here, they produce oxygen and clean the air. The more plants, the better. More oxygen actually helps you think and focus better and is just generally great for your health. For that reason and from an aesthetic standpoint, they also can help to massively reduce stress. Reduced stress leads to more productive employees, which in turn leads to employees staying within a business far longer. But we knew all that already, right? Did you know that plants actually absorb sound too? Whether you’re in a busy office or just want a bit more peace in your life, plants are your saviour. Though we have to be transparent, they can’t mute the office chatterbox completely.

Keep Your Hands Off The Printer

Sometimes it’s easier to review work if it’s printed. Sometimes, it’s faster to get a colleague's approval if you can take your work right to their desk. It may be easier for you, but it’s certainly not easy on the environment. In fact, if the United States alone reduced their printer use by a mere 10%, it would mean 1.6 million tons fewer greenhouse gases. In easier to understand terms, that would be like taking 280,000 cars off the road per year.

Next time your mouse is hovering over the print button, consider, could this just be sent via email instead?

These days, there is ample technology to enable document sharing without having to print anything. If you don’t currently have access to this software, speak to your manager about introducing this to help reduce emissions. You may also find it helpful to sync your computer with portable devices such as phones or tablets so that you can access documents without having to print them off and put them into your bag.

Are You Taking Care Of Yourself Too?

While it is important that we take care of our environment, we do live in it after all, we also need to consider ourselves. Now, exercise is a great way to do this, but how can we exercise while working? The FlexiSpot All-in-One Desk Bike allows you to get some much-needed cardio whilst you show Excel who’s in charge. Part standing desk, part exercise bike, this whisper-quiet hybrid seat has a pneumatic adjustment lever helping you find the right height to feel comfortable. What’s more, it has 8 resistance levels so you can easily switch between that mid-day crunch speed and that 5 pm cool down. Finally, it has a spacious desktop to fit all manner of laptops.

Or perhaps you’re more of a sit-down type of person? In that case, you need an ergonomic chair to support you. The FlexiChair BackSupport office chair has an adjustable height and ergonomic design. A comfortable seat and swing function help keep your posture correct at all times, whilst breathable mesh not only feels great but keeps unwanted odours from sticking around. With a stylish design, available in both black and grey, this chair supports you whilst you support the environment. Win win-win.

You Deserve an Environmentally Friendly, Comfort Focused Home Office

It’s time to make a change. And that change is making your office work for you. Becoming more environmentally friendly is a wonderful thing. And taking care of yourself, well that’s fantastic too. If you’re ready to upgrade, take a look at our store and see what else we can offer.

If you’re not quite sure what will work best for you, why not get in touch with us? If there’s one thing we love, it’s talking about environmentally friendly and ergonomically designed offices. Browse our products, speak to the team, and let’s get you up and running for a more productive year.