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How to keep your employees feeling motivated at work

18 Mar. 2022

Let’s face it, no matter the role we play in our office we often tend to lose motivation at some part of the day or probably at some point in life. Ensuring that all employees stay attentive, motivated and engaged takes a lot of effort and could require some dedication and commitment.

Some employers tend to squeeze the potential out of an employee providing them with little to no acknowledgement. This could backfire quickly and could leave an employee feeling unrecognised and unmotivated which might ultimately impact their performance at work.

Keeping employees motivated does not necessarily require you to pay for heavy or grand gestures, in fact it could be as simple as publicly recognizing their efforts. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can motivate your employees and boost their morale in no time!

Break the ice with your employees

It is highly essential that you get to know your employees. Do not always rely on rewarding your employees to try and motivate them, instead try to learn more about them and what keeps them committed to their job routine. Consider conducting a motivation survey where you ask your employees questions like ‘what keeps you motivated to work here?’ or ‘What sort of motivating incentives would you choose?’ Similarly, you can try arranging a light-hearted, ice breaker activity for all co-workers to introduce themselves and interact with one another.  

Having regular meetings

Having meetings regularly with your employees can prove to be fruitful. Ensure all your employees stay up to date on the latest developments, goals and targets. This is also a great way for your employees to remind themselves about your company’s business objectives and the importance they hold in the role they are playing. Building bridges between communication gaps is vital to keep your employees motivated.

However, it is equally important that you don’t have too many team meetings as it could lead to boredom instead. To avoid repetition, look for newer ways to meet. For instance, going out for a game of bowling, having lunch together or even hosting a meeting online remotely.    

Encourage employees to help one another

Some employees may be too hesitant to speak out to or even speak to one another. While this could be due to the fact that they are shy, other reasons could involve possible discrimiation or constant shutting down of ideas in the company. It is essential for you to encourage your employees to help fellow members in the company while everyone strives towards gaining ultimate success for the business. You must articulate a teamwork ideology rather than everyone working independently. This should promote a healthy working environment for all.  

Take care of your employees

Stress can lead to several health problems if left untreated, whether it may be caused by the job or outside of it, it can impact your employees health and also their motivation levels. It is a good idea to encourage your employees to take care of themselves by eating well and staying fit with some exercise. You can even consider arranging some healthy, fun activities that encourage staying hydrated and eating healthy.

Just as physical health is important, we also recommend you take care of your employee’s mental health and offer acceptance towards when your staff may need some time off.

Give regular feedback

Giving your employees regular feedback on what they do, helps keep them motivated and feeling fresh throughout the day. When your employees fall prey to self-doubt it could lead to some serious demotivation, a decline in productivity and ultimately may incline them to quit. Thus, a good way is to give your employees some one-on-one feedback on how they’re doing. Give out constructive criticism if necessary, but remember to be polite while you are at it.

One-on-one feedback is always a lot more useful and effective than publicly calling one out for their mistakes or informing them of areas where they will need improvement. It is best to respect every employee and offer them genuine advice whenever possible.

Reward your employees

Of course, let’s not forget how rewarding your employees can prove to be just as beneficial as any of the above methods. The reward does not mean it always has to be a monetary incentive, in fact you could even consider offering them a slice of cake or just appreciate them for their efforts. Doing so inspires your employees to stay on top of their game and ensures they work with full dedication and commitment.

Remember, a successful business comes from successful people striving towards a business goal. Just by following the above ways, your employees will stay motivated and engaged in no time! 

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