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How To Keep Fit At Your Desk

21 February 2022

The Importance of Exercise

For the majority of us, heading into work means sitting behind a desk for large periods of time each day. Our travel to work is also often via car or public transport - or, with so many of us now working from home, can also now mean a very short walk downstairs! The combination of these working habits, alongside the amount of streaming services making a night in front of the TV seem even more appealing than we’re used to, means that we are now living the most sedentary lives en masse than ever before.

Sedentary living is placing new stressors on our mind and body, and damaging our health and wellbeing. The only real answer to combating the issues of a sedentary lifestyle is an increase in movement and exercise, but this is something that many of us can feel we don’t have time for, or perhaps have a bad relationship with. However, we can make space for exercise in our lives, and change our perception for the better.

Whilst we can often associate exercise as a means of simply changing how our bodies look, we can often overlook the incredible host of health benefits we can reap from exercise, aside from stronger muscles or a decrease in body fat.

Both cardiovascular and strength training exercise, practiced consistently, can develop muscle strength and boost endurance and energy. More than this, however, increased physical activity can be one of our best defenses against cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, stroke, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, depression, anxiety, many types of cancer, and arthritis. Endorphins released through exercise also boost hormone release in the brain, which can improve mood, alleviate stress, and enhance focus.  

Listening To The Experts

According to the experts, 150 minutes of moderate to intense activity a week - or just over 20 minutes a day - is enough to combat the affects of sedentary living. Current research suggests that only a small percentage of adults are meeting this - with less than 25% meeting general physical activity guidelines, and less than 5% managing to perform 30 minutes of physical activity per day.

Tackling sedentary illnesses doesn’t have to mean taking on a new athletic sport or an expensive gym membership if that’s not your scene. If more of us can take on the challenge of just 20 minutes a day of simple activities like walking, running or cycling - or even just getting out into the garden or changing up how we carry out our chores - it could make a world of difference to our health and wellbeing.

Finding Active Furniture That Works For You

Whilst getting up and active in a way that fits around your work life is the best antidote to sedentary living and associated poor health, we know that can be easier said than done. With long work days, exercise can all too often fall to the bottom of the list! But there are some great hacks to help you keep active during your working day, which can be particularly helpful if you’re often tight on time. Fortunately, the increasing number of innovative new designs for office furniture can help you incorporate fitness into your daily life, improve your health, and still manage your schedule.

Cycle Desk Bike V9 Pro

The Cycle Desk Bike V9 Pro is part standing desk, part exercise bike. Providing both durable and comfortable seating and generous desktop space to create an excellent working environment, and 8 levels of resistance with a digital display to track calories burned to provide an excellent cycle workout, it really offers the best of both worlds.

Folding feet make this a great space-saving option, too, and you can rest assured you won’t be aggravating your office mates as you peddle thanks to a near-silent cycle action. The V9 Pro is a great option to bring fitness into your working day and diverse enough to suit any office.

Sit2Go Fitness Chair

Not quite for you? How about the Sit2Go Fitness Chair.

This stylish fitness chair option offers greater back support, featuring a firm ergonomic seat back with a breathable mesh back and adjustable seat height. Below, you’ll find the Sit2Go’s cycle setup fitted with a workout tracker, following both calories burned and workout time, customisable workout settings, and sleek yet silent pedals.

Available in either black or white, the Sit2Go will work in your office space, whatever the current decor or however your decor may change. If your work routine demands longer periods of sitting, the extra back support on this option may be the fit for you.

Get Ready For A New Chapter!

We know it can feel daunting at first to start making changes to become more active. But, even if you’re used to the most sedentary lifestyle, it’s clear to see that starting with even small changes can be the start of a great new active lifestyle that can optimise your health, and your happiness.

Take a look at our fitness chairs to see how they could improve and optimise your working day, and get ready for a whole new chapter!