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How to Introduce a Product To Sell

07 June 2021

Have you ever tried to shift from one career to another?

With thousands of workers laid off in companies around the world since the onset of the covid-19 pandemic, I am sure that many who lost their jobs tried to change their careers to earn money. Some shifted to selling products in order to earn money for the meantime after losing their jobs.

Those who have already some experience in selling may find it easier to introduce the product they are selling. One of the common pieces of advice for a greenhorn in the field of business or selling is to start introducing the product to your family, relatives, and friends.

You can also start emailing friends about the products you offer or maybe invite them to a Zoom meeting so you could introduce the product directly in real-time in between friendly conversations. However, it is not always good to do the selling outright. Your friends may not like it and may think that you’re taking advantage of the friendship and have only taken the time to sell and not for a friendly or personal purpose.

It is better to contact your close friends for a friendly chat over the phone or video call so it will look like you care for them and check how they are doing. I think it will be better and more effective before you introduce the product you are selling. You may also mention your career shift and they may want to know what you are into these days. It may sound a little awkward but I am sure it will work.

After a few days of chatting with your close friends, I think it is now appropriate to make mention of the product you’re going to offer to your friends. But wait for the right time to do this. I mean you have to gauge their mood when you start talking so you will not be turned down outright when you start talking about your product. Time and mood matter a lot in selling.

Actually, I was one of those who tried to change my career from being a 9 to 5 employee until the pandemic changed my life. My company downsized the workforce and I was one of them who was given an offer to resign earlier or be one on the list to be laid off. 

So I chose the lesser evil and had my last paycheck before I left the company. I tried to contact my friends on what to do because some of them had the same fate as me. And also I want to know how they were after the layoff. To seek good advice was also one of my reasons for calling them. 

One of my friends was already starting to sell a new product. I knew this when I called her over the phone. She convinced me to do selling also for a big commission even without a salary. She said she was also trying to sell the product to her family, relatives, and friends. 

After one month of trying to offer the product, she had one customer on her list. She said it was very hard to offer a product to strangers. She had rejections a hundred times to the point that she wanted to quit already until one of her relatives bought one of the products to help her with her selling career.

Anyway, she convinced me to sell this new product, too. It was a herbal product for health and the materials came from different herbal plants. At first, I was hesitant because I know that I am not the type of person who will break the ice with strangers. I do not even do that with some of my friends unless they are the ones who will say hi to me.

In the long run, my friend was able to convince me to try my luck in selling. When she gave me a box of the herbal vitamin, I read all about it from the brochure and it seemed good to try and see the effect of the product on me. I tried taking the vitamin for two weeks. It was good. I felt better, I regained my appetite, and I slept better than before taking it.

After two weeks, I felt that I could do the introduction about the product and eventually hope to make a sale. I turned to my relatives, but they turned me down. I also contacted my friends but they did not believe me.

I opted to introduce the product to strangers personally. I was presumed that emailing them may not be effective and they may not reply to it. And people are busy and sometimes they do not have the time to check their emails. It was the same thing with video calls. I can only just say hi and that was it. They were not interested in having a longer time chatting with me.

So what I did was to go to the park one day. I saw a few people sitting, having fun, and others. Then I tried to approach each one of them. It was afternoon and it was the worst time I had ever had. All I got were rejections. But I did not give up.

My last resort was to offer the product for free so that they can have the chance to try the product for a few weeks. I got their contact numbers so I could check on them regarding the product I was selling. And from this strategy, I got one customer and I was very happy. Based on my experience, I have listed some points on how to introduce a product to sell

● Know or determine your target consumers

● Find the right time and mood to introduce your product

● Introduce the product showing enthusiasm and belief in the product

● Use the product first to know its effects and benefits

● Devise your marketing strategy to market your product

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