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How To Get Ready For Spring At The Office

07 January 2022

Spring is in the air, even though the air is still cold, and as we all come off from our holiday stupor, we find ourselves thinking about getting back to the office.

The prospect of resuming work, whether that be in the at-home study or at the office when Spring is approaching, can be a little bit depressing.

To help make the transition from winter living to springtime office work, here are a few tips to help you get ready for spring at the office.

Tip #1: Change Your Office Wear

While most people think that standard office wear is worn universally throughout the year, there are actually some important changes you can make to your office outfits in preparation for the spring weather.

First of all, depending on your office uniform requirements, consider switching your wardrobe to shirtsleeves, if allowed. While it might still be a bit cold for that at the start of the year, after only a few months, long sleeves might start to feel pretty stifling.

You can also swap out the warmer blazers and thicker jackets for more lightweight attire. As the weather warms up, consider wearing light-knifed jerseys rather than full suit jackets. They are still professional but a lot better suited for the gradually warming weather.

Tip #2: Get Your Plants Ready!

Keeping plants alive in the fluorescent lights of an office environment can be pretty tricky in wintertime, but once the sun starts to emerge in warmer months, why not buy a few plants to spruce up your office space?

Anything leafy and green will be a good way to brighten up your personal working space, whether you are in the office or at home. Consider plants that don’t need much light, especially if you cannot get near enough to a window.

Instead of the standard flowers and ferns, though, why not go for a few different options that stand out?

Tiger lilies, peace lilies, and dragon trees are all great options for creating a weird, slightly quirky, and fun work environment. They are also nice and compact, requiring little water to care for, so they will flourish in the office.

Plus, lots of plants leads to a much better mood, as it reminds you of the bright outdoors when you are stuck inside.

Tip #3: Give Your Office a Good Spring Clean

It might be a cliché, but giving your working space a big clean-up as spring approaches can really help you get ready for getting back to proper work.

We do a spring clean because the brighter sun is typically higher angled in the sky as winter retreats, making dust and grime all the more apparent.

Plus, it is just generally a nice idea to go into spring with a cleaner work environment; as the late great Anthony Bourdain once said, messy space, messy life!

Tidy everything away into its appropriate home, pile up those papers, and organize them based on their importance and categories.

You should also get more detailed by actually hovering and dusting all of your surfaces; a lick of disinfectant and a wet dishcloth wouldn't go amiss either!

While it might seem like a lot of work upfront, being able to look at your office in a whole new light, with all the surfaces shining and gleaming in the spring light, is a pretty great way to start the season off right.

Tip #4: Consider Changing Your Office Color Scheme & Setup

The standard office work environment is a pretty drab affair, and a big part of that is color. Most things are black, grey, and white, leaving little to the imagination and probably stifling you from creativity.

Why not brighten the place up with some color? Get some brightly colored picture frames containing memorable moments or pictures of loved ones, or decorate the walls of your office or cubicle with colorful, interesting, and fun decorations.

While the sky is really the limit here, you might also be somewhat limited by your coworkers.

This might be tricky if you are not someone that can fully control every element of your working atmosphere. If you work from home in a home office, this is easy to do, but if you are the lowest employee in your office, you might only be limited to small changes and minor touches based on what everyone else wants.

One small thing you can do to take back control of your working space is to invest in your own comfort. For example, you could customize your chair or your general working apparatus insofar as you are allowed to.

You could even push for something like a standing desk or another type of office equipment that is designed to give you maximum comfort and customizability.

Whatever you choose to do, strive to make the space your own through creative touches and flairs so as to best create a comforting and safe working environment.