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How to Cure Back Pain at Home

16 Nov. 2021

Back pain is one of the most common health complaints that most adults face. Estimates show that up to 80% of people will suffer ongoing complaints of back pain throughout their lives. For many, this may be coming as a consequence of sitting at a desk for large portions of the day, for years on end. Sitting for such prolonged periods of time can have a severe impact on the body, and in some cases leaves office workers with chronic back pain for life.

As anyone who’s not a stranger to back pain knows, this affliction can be truly debilitating. Yet many people continue to endure this pain instead of visiting a physician or physiotherapist. Luckily for them, there are ways of relieving back pain from the comfort of your own home - most of which are exceptionally simple. Here are 7 of the top ways you can tackle your back pain, starting from home.

1. Daily stretches

One of the main reasons people start to suffer from back pain in the first place is that they sit with their muscles in the same position for too long. This causes the muscles to weaken and contract, leading to the sense of tension and pain that most people experience as back pain.

Engaging in a daily regimen of stretching helps to keep these muscles loose and limber, even as you sit at your desk. When it comes to stretching, it’s best to start slow and ease your body into a state of relaxation and improved flexibility.  By doing this at home and making it a daily habit, chances are you’ll see improvements in both your back pain and general flexibility before you know it!

2. Sleep hygiene

Sleep is vital to just about every aspect of our physical and mental health. Poor sleeping conditions are likely to contribute heavily to back discomfort, regardless of activity levels during the day. Oftentimes, back pain can be caused by a poor quality mattress, or sleeping in an uncomfortable position.

Those suffering from back pain are recommended to experiment with their sleeping conditions and see whether this has any impact on their physical pain. Simply opting for a harder mattress or firmer pillow can make a huge difference for back pain sufferers, all without ever stepping inside a doctor’s office.

3.  Improve posture

Posture is a major contributing factor to most people’s back pain. Without realising it, many of us develop rather poor posture over time - especially if we’re sitting at a desk for multiple hours a day all the time. Over time, we naturally begin to slouch and this puts a strain on the muscles in our lower back, increasing the chances of pain becoming an issue throughout the back. Simple changes can improve posture and have a radical effect on aiding with back pain. Physicians recommend using an upright chair instead of any sofa-life seating, and alternating between sitting and standing desks to avoid slumping back into your chair.

4. Heating and cooling pads

For short term relief, heat and cool pads are the way to go. Applying a cold compress to back pain will help fend off any inflammation and have a numbing effect on any damaged tissues. Heat pads, on the other hand, are useful for relaxing strained muscles, alleviating tension, and increasing the mobility of afflicted areas. Though hot and cold compresses are not long term solutions, they are useful home remedies for fast-acting relief.

5. Move properly

Many people don’t realise that the way they move might be the cause of their ongoing struggle with back pain. There are many movements that, if not performed properly, can cause strain and damage to our muscles. Physicians always remind their patients to:

- Lift from the knees

- Walk and sit with good posture

- Talk hands-free to avoid keeping a phone wedged between your head and shoulder

- Avoid sudden or sharp movements

6. Adjust your set up

The culprit behind chronic back pain is, in many cases, the fault of the furniture we use. As comfy as it may be, our furniture at home is not always designed with our posture and physiology in mind. Squishy couches and reclining chairs can lead to poor posture and, ultimately, back pain. This is especially true for those who work from home. Investing in ergonomic furniture designed to help with posture and relieve muscle tension is worthwhile when you feel how much of a relieving effect it can have!


Back pain can be a truly debilitating thing to deal with. It’s painful, distracting, and can have a terrible impact on our overall mood. Luckily, there are many approaches that can be taken in addressing back pain - and all of these can be done from the comfort of your own home!

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