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How to Create a Comfortable Office Environment for Your Employees

03 January 2023

Keeping employees comfortable is a must for any manager.

Though redecorating your office might seem like a lot of work, it can seriously impact your productivity and overall office morale. Think of it this way, after a long day in an uncomfortable chair, will you be happy and ready to help others? Or will you be ready to leave the office ASAP?

Of course, providing a comfortable office space for your employees isn’t about upping profits and productivity. They’re just two bonuses of keeping your colleagues comfortable while they work!

Are you in need of some comfortable office space tips? We’re here with all the information you need. Start planning your office redesign today! Scroll down to find out the top tips and tricks now.

Upgrade to standing desks

A standing desk might sound like it’s the opposite of comfort, but hear us out.

Sitting in one uncomfortable position all-day is awkward and can leave you with back pain and bad posture. Plus, sitting also reduces blood circulation, and this can lead to poor health and potential health conditions down the line. Two things we don’t want employees to suffer with!

A height adjustable desk is here to replace the standard office desk and give employees a break from sitting all day. Instead of being fixed in one stiff position, an adjustable desk can move to a ‘standing position’. Standing while working increases employees’ movement, improves back pain, and leaves them feeling more away.

Plus, these desks can be adjusted as and when the employees see fit. If they want to stand, they can! However, if they want to sit, this is also all cool. Ideal for a team of diverse workers.

Choose chairs with padded seats

While padded seating might sound like an obvious solution, we’re always surprised by the number of desk chairs that don’t come with padded seating.

Sitting on a flat or hard chair for 9 hours at a time isn’t comfortable or good for back health. Employees that use these poor office chairs are more likely to experience pain on the job, leaving them discouraged and annoyed.

This can all be fixed with one simple solution - comfortable ergonomic chairs. When buying your next stock of office chairs, look for seats with ergonomic padding. It’s also important to opt for breathable seating, as this can reduce heat in the summer. Lumbar support is a bonus too - back health is essential!

Allow employees to personalise their spaces

What does your office look like? Does it have any personality? Or does it look like every other workspace in the world?

All offices need to look professional. But they don’t need to be soulless.

Allowing your employees to add some personal decor to their desks is a great way to add some life to the space. Whether it be through personal photos, fun interior decor items, or other funky office supplies, these small additions will make the office much more comfortable for workers.

Invest in a communal area

When you’re an employee, you’re there to progress your career and do your best for the company.

However, it’s proven that employees work better when they get along with their colleagues. A communal area where employees can take a break or enjoy a coffee together increases comfort and communication within the company. This also makes the office a more pleasant place to be!

The more time your employees spend together, the easier your business will run. A communal workspace also inspires creative working and ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking. You’ll see employees bouncing ideas off each other, minus strict formalities. You never know what ideas will come out of an informal communal area!

Keep it light!

Ever walked into a building and been shocked by the poor lighting?

Offices with inadequate lighting feel dark, dreary, and downright depressing. This can make it harder to work, and it can increase eyestrain and headaches.

With this in mind, keeping lighting bright has never been more important. The best lights to opt for in an office include cool white or cool blue lights. These elements improve concentration and keep us more awake. LED and fluorescent bulbs provide this type of light, so make sure you switch to these in your office space.

Relax the uniform

Uniforms and dress codes can make us feel at super ease or super restricted. So if you can, relaxing the dress code is the way to go.

Different industries will always need different uniforms, and some will always be more formal than others. This can’t be avoided. However, if you have the power - consider switching to a smart casual dress code that allows your employees to feel comfortable and smart at the same time.

Comfort in the office: An essential element

So, how does your office space measure up - are you working in an office paradise? Or a less-than-comfortable environment?

Choosing new furniture and a new configuration takes time, but the overall results are worth it. Queue happy employees, more productivity, and an attractive space. A win for everyone involved

When will you make the change? Explore the latest ergonomic office furniture online here.