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How to Combat Remote Working Loneliness

23 November 2021

According to the UK Red Cross, one in every five people experienced loneliness before the pandemic. The Red Cross projects the number to rise even further during the pandemic lockdowns as more people shift to remote work. You are, therefore, not alone if you feel lonely after days of working remotely.

The loneliness can affect your productivity and even push you towards reconsidering your decision to work remotely. However, you can beat the feeling of loneliness by incorporating physical exercises into your remote sessions using a Cycle Desk Bike V9 Pro or an active seat. Read on to discover more ways of beating loneliness in your remote office or helping your remote workers to overcome loneliness.

1. Distinguish Between Social Isolation and Loneliness

Isolation may be mistaken for loneliness. You may complain of loneliness when you are actually experiencing social isolation. Loneliness is a social disconnect that you experience when you are away from people you are used to. Social isolation, on the other hand, is a lack of social connection.  

You can, therefore, experience social isolation even when working in the midst of colleagues. However, working as a team can help you overcome loneliness. Remote workers feel isolated when their contribution to the growth of the company is not appreciated. Providing the necessary materials and information as well as appreciating the contribution of the remote worker may help them overcome isolation.

2. Introduce Breaks between Sessions

In some cases, social isolation can lead to loneliness. To counter the effects of lack of social contact, you can distract yourself by engaging in some physical activities. For instance, active sitting can help you take small breaks as you move sideways or back and forth while still on your Active Seating Office Chair.

You can also use the small breaks to interact with other people. Joining others for a cup of coffee at the café can help you deal with the feeling of loneliness. You can also carry your laptop and work from the coffee shop just to enjoy the company of other coffee lovers. 

3. Use Technology to Connect With Colleagues

You do not have to feel lonely while you can virtually connect with colleagues at work. You can make use of video conferencing tools, phone calls, text/WhatsApp messages to keep in touch with others. Always take advantage of Zoom meetings, discussions, and brainstorming sessions with your colleagues to shake off the feeling of loneliness. Contributing to virtual meetings makes you feel part of the team.

4. Do Not Spend Your Free Time Indoors

You experience loneliness because you are away from other people. Spending your free time indoors only worsens the situation. To overcome the feeling of loneliness, utilize your free time by visiting friends and spending time with your children, spouse, or other members of the family.

5. Where Possible, Use The Hybrid Workplace Model

A hybrid workplace model combines remote and in-person work. It means you will partly work from home and partly from the office. You can work from home a few days a week and join the others at the office. The hybrid model helps you to maintain a connection with your peers at work.

6. Make Friends with Other Remote Workers

Remote working is gaining traction in most cities. There is a high possibility that you share a flat with other remote workers, or there is a remote worker across the street. You can form a team that co-shares an office even when you do not work for the same company.

You may share the cost of renting a small office or convert one room into a home office. The office can have ergonomic office desks that dilutes the informal feeling that may distract you from your work. Ergonomic office chairs will also help you overcome back pains and other discomforts that may affect your productivity.

How Employers Can Help Combat Loneliness among Employees

Loneliness affects the productivity of your employees. As an employer, you should work towards reducing the feeling of loneliness in your remote workers. You can help your workers deal with loneliness by organizing team-building sessions. You can organize meetings and team-building sessions that bring all your workers together once in a while.

You can also consider providing a co-working space stipend. Your workers may need assistance in setting up a working space or joining a co-working team. Since the workers at the office enjoy entertainment and gym allowances, you can also throw in something for your remote workers to cover co-working space expenses. You can also assist the workers with choosing the right furniture for their remote offices.

How FlexiSpot Can Help

At FlexiSpot, we deal with ergonomic office furniture for remote workers. We can supply the right furniture for your remote workers to help them set up a co-working space or furnish their home offices.