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How to Choose Your Perfect Standing Desk

22 March 2022

Standing desks can be so beneficial for your health and productivity, but selecting one can be difficult. The health benefits of breaking your seated routine can be lost if your standing desk does not suit your body. And a standing desk that doesn’t quite meet your needs will not encourage you to build a healthy routine of posture-change.

Use our handy guide to help you to select the perfect standing desk to suit you.

Key Must-Have Features

Before going into the specifics, it’s important to know which are the key must-have features for your new standing desk. Check your chosen standing desk has the following five features, before moving on to the specifics:

#1 A height range which comfortably suits your needs both while sitting and standing.

#2 The correct desktop size to fit everything you need comfortably.

#3 Easy, jolt-free movement to encourage you to use the standing feature more often and transition seamlessly.

#4 The appropriate weight capacity to manage your desktop’s load.

#5 The right price point for your budget.

Let’s Get Specific

Now that the general must-have features are out of the way, let’s talk about specific details. Here’s where you figure out what matters the most to you as you hunt for your ideal standing desk.

If stability and durability is key, choose a standing desk with a high weight capacity (100kg or over) and stabilising legs made of durable materials.

If you are keen on having the latest tech, choose a motorised standing desk which guarantees swift and stable transitions. You might also want features such as in-built USB ports, memory preset and customisable reminder settings, as offered by the Esben Height-Adjustable Desk EHD2. Having multiple memory preset options means several users can save their seated and standing height preferences digitally, improving ease of use. Customisable reminder settings help you to remember to regularly change your posture, ensuring you have maximised the health benefits of using a standing desk.

If design is an essential consideration for you, seek out desks which come in varied colours and materials or offer sleek modern design, like the Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk EG8.

If sustainability is important to you, opt for desks built from more eco-friendly materials, such as fast-growing bamboo. The DynamikDesk Standing Desk EB2, and several other FlexiSpot standing desks, offer bamboo desktops as an option.

If you are attempting to maintain a minimalist working environment, desks which offer drawers, or space for under-desk storage, and cable management systems are for you.

Still unsure which standing desk to choose?

Complete our mini standing desk quiz to find out which FlexiSpot standing desk best meets your needs:

Q1. What are your height requirements for your standing desk?

A) I am very tall or very small and so will need height adjustment options beyond the standard range.

B) I am of average, or slightly above average, height.

C) The standard height range will cover my needs.

Q2. As rotating between standing and sitting is key to seeing health benefits from your standing desk, is a memory preset function that saves your preferred sitting and standing heights important to you?

A) Multiple people will be using the desk, so multiple memory preset options would be ideal.

B) Memory preset options are not essential to me.

C) I will be the sole user, but would like a memory preset option.

Q3. How do you keep your desk?

A) I keep a lot of equipment and heavy items on my desk, so I need a high weight capacity and large desktop size.

B) I like my desk sparse and tidy! A smaller desktop size will be fine.

C) My desk is kept relatively clear of clutter, but I do need the space and weight capacity for my dual screens.

Q4. What special features do you consider essential for your standing desk?

A) I would benefit from a customised reminder setting to help me build a routine of regularly changing my posture.

B) The more memory preset options the better!

C) I like the benefit of several special features, but want to balance this out with value for money.

Q5. What is your ideal price point for your new standing desk?

A) I want to invest in the latest in standing desk technology with high-tech features and cutting edge design.

B) I am new to standing desks and want to try out a reasonably priced model.

C) A mid-range standing desk is what I am looking for.

If the majority of your answers were option A, you should choose:

The Standing Desk For WFO and WFH E8!


If the majority of your answers were option B, you should choose:

The Standing Desk 2-Stage EZ1!


If the majority of your answers were option C, you should choose:

The DynamikDesk Standing Desk EB2!