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How To Adapt Your Desk Space During Pregnancy

21 April 2022

Congratulations! You’re expecting your own little bundle of joy! Your body is undoubtedly going to change over the course of your pregnancy, so how can you adapt your desk space to accommodate your growing belly? Whether you are currently working from home or have made it back into the office, here are our top tips for ensuring that you stay as comfortable as possible as you work throughout your pregnancy.

As a pregnant employee, you should be provided with a detailed risk assessment to ensure that any potential work risks are identified and appropriate control measures are implemented. These risks may be anything that poses a threat to the mum-to-be, the unborn baby or life post-pregnancy. This risk assessment should include the mum-to-be’s physical environment as well as any chemical or biological agents that they use as part of their job.

Making Your Office Space More Comfortable

While every pregnancy is different, some discomfort and general aches and pains are inevitable. Not to mention the unpleasant experience that is morning sickness. After all, your body is going to go through some massive changes as it works hard to grow and support your little one. Unfortunately, if you are in the office there will be little opportunity for you to go and have a quick lie down. So, how can you make your office space as comfortable as possible?

Accommodate Your Growing Belly 

Most expectant mothers start to show around 12 weeks into their pregnancy and continue to grow until their due date. This means that you are going to have to find room to accommodate your growing belly at your desk. You may find that you need to lower your seat slightly to prevent you from having to overreach, which can create strain on the neck and shoulders. Make sure you focus on maintaining good posture during this time to prevent any unnecessary aches and pains. Your hips and knees should be at right angles to each other, with your feet placed flat on the floor - try using a footstool if you need to. Rest your forearms and elbows on your desk or chair armrests. Your computer screen should be in line with your eyes.

Make Sure Everything Is In Easy Reach

To prevent you from straining too much, keep all of your essential items within arm's reach. Use some smart storage solutions to house anything that you don't use regularly.

Invest In An Ergonomic Office Chair

We all could benefit from a comfortable ergonomic office chair as we spend most of our workday sitting at our desks. Investing in a good quality ergonomic chair is even more important during pregnancy. With the extra weight that you are carrying, you must ensure that you have adequate lumbar support as you work. Choose a chair that is height- and tilt-adjustable, such as Flexispot's BackSupport Office Chair BS8.

Make sure you distribute your weight evenly as you get up from your seat to prevent any undue stress on your back, legs and shoulders.

Consider a Standing Desk

Have you thought about using a height-adjustable standing desk before? This is something that we can all benefit from whether pregnant or not. This kind of desk allows you to transition seamlessly between sitting and standing regularly throughout the day. Check out Flexispot's exciting and innovative range of height-adjustable standing desks.

Enjoy The Benefits Of An Anti-Fatigue Mat

To get the maximum benefits from your purchase, you will want to combine your standing desk with an anti-fatigue mat. A good quality anti-fatigue mat, such as Flexispot’s Standing Desk Anti-fatigue Mat MT1B will help to eliminate sore and swollen feet and legs associated with standing on a firm office floor. Pregnancy weight makes this even more of an essential purchase.

Take Frequent Breaks

Make sure you take frequent breaks throughout the workday, taking the opportunity to get up and walk around the office. You should also keep some snacks close by and eat frequently to keep your blood sugar stable. This can help to stave off the waves of morning sickness.

Try a Balance Ball 

If you are finding it hard to get comfortable on your office chair, no matter what you do - think about trying out a pregnancy balance ball. These extra-think, anti-burst balls are a great alternative to the traditional office chair for expectant mums. They can help to strengthen and tone your back and abdominal muscles and even encourage baby to get into the correct position. Make sure you choose a suitable ball to support your weight.

Final Thoughts

Don’t spend your pregnancy being achy and uncomfortable in the office. Implement these small changes and reap the rewards throughout your baby-growing journey. You will be so comfy, that you are bound to want these new accessories to stick around post-partum!