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How Students Are Reinventing Study With An Exclusive FlexiSpot Discount

17 January 2022

Life as a student is a set of constant ups and downs. From grappling with teachers, deadlines, and all kinds of new responsibilities - to making new friends, exploring new passions, and always learning more and more about yourself. While the student life is bound to come with some degree of stress, there’s no reason why you should choose to add to that with an unproductive study environment.

FlexiSpot is an ergonomic office-wear outfitter, dedicated to improving the health and productivity of its users. Normally, these kinds of innovative workspaces are reserved for fancy offices and startups - but not anymore. FlexiSpot believes that students should be able to access all of the comfort and ease of an ergonomic workspace, leaving them with more time and energy to enjoy all the best parts of student life! Read on to find out how students can avail of an exclusive FlexiSpot difference, and reinvent what it means to study.

What’s the deal?

To help students make the most of their workspaces, FlexiSpot is offering an exclusive 12% discount sitewide to students. All you need to do is simply verify your student status and enjoy a discount designed to improve both your wellbeing and the quality of your work.

How you can benefit

FlexiSpot is all about improving the workplace environment - for both the body and mind. The body was simply not designed to sit in the same position for hours upon hours, day in day out. Standing desks are shown to improve blood flow and muscle engagement throughout the day, by allowing users to take how they work into their own hands.

Lower rates of weight gain and obesity

As standing desks give you the option to get up on your feet, they are a demonstrated way of adding in extra physical exercise to your daily routine. Staying up on your feet not only improves posture, strength, and blood flow but it burns extra calories - leading to lower chances of weight gain and obesity.

Improved concentration

In studies performed on those who made the switch to a standing desk, overall mood and energy levels throughout the day were reported as having increased by 87% of participants. This lines up with overall studies linking low mood and anxiety to the amount of sedentary time in a person’s day. Further research has also shown a positive correlation between reduced sedentary time and overall productivity, meaning a standing desk could actually help you get more work done and have you feeling better doing it.

Boost overall health

In addition to boosting mood, productivity, and calories burned in a day - standing desks are understood to have positive health impacts on everything from blood sugar to cardiovascular strength. There is a strong correlation between type 2 diabetes and time spent sitting down, as many students find themselves doing for long periods of the day. Less sedentary time in an office environment has been shown to reduce spikes in blood sugar levels - leading to more stable blood sugar and energy throughout the day.

What’s on offer?

FlexiSpot offers a whole range of high quality furniture, designed to reinvent the workplace experience. Traditional office wear is often stiff and uncompromising, forcing students to sit rigidly in cramped chairs for hours on end. So in order to combat these uncomfortable and distracting workspace conditions, FlexiSpot has developed a range of office wear that includes:

● Adjustable desks 

A trend that has truly taken off over the past few years, standing desks are adjustable, dynamic desks that allow students to both sit and stand as they work. FlexiSpot’s standing desks come with a fully adjustable control panel, meaning there’s no fuss and fiddling. Made with top quality materials, these standing desks are attractive and customisable - making them the perfect upgrade to any workspace. FlexiSpot’s desk selection also includes an exclusive range designed specifically to enhance the gaming experience.

● Desk converters

Desk converters are lightweight pieces of kit that allow you to turn any worktop into a dynamic workspace. If you’re not fully ready to commit to a standing desk, a desktop converter makes for the perfect go-between. Plus, they’re easy to transport - perfect for when you have to switch dorms or transfer to a different building.

● Desk bike 

A desk bike is one of the coolest and healthiest ways to stay mentally and physically engaged while you sit at your desk. An ergonomically designed 2-in-1 desk chair and stationary bicycle, FlexiSpot’s Desk Bikes are comfortable, sleek, and allow you to keep your body engaged and your blood flow increased, all while sitting in the comfort of your own office.

● Office Chairs

FlexiSpot offers a range of specialised seating, for both office and home use. FlexiSpot office chairs are uniquely designed to provide the perfect balance between comfort and style in any workplace. Their design focuses on improving posture, and preventing the aches and pains that come with sitting stationary for too long.

● Gaming chairs

Aside from their highly popular office chairs, FlexiSpot carries a line of top-quality gaming chairs designed to add comfort and style to the gaming experience. Especially for those who like to unwind in with gaming in their free time, the FlexiSpot student discount can be used to get your hands on one of these must-have gaming chairs.

● Accessories

Beyond furniture, the FlexiSpot website offers a wide range of top-quality office accessories - so you can make the most of both your time studying, and relaxing. With monitor mounts, CPU holders, storage options, and keyboards - a FlexiSpot purchase is guaranteed to upgrade your workspace.  

With all these options to choose from - FlexiSpot is bound to have something for you. Make use of the exclusive 12% discount reserved just for students, and start getting the most out of your studies now!