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How Standing Desks Can Help Chronic Pain Symptoms

11 August 2023

Currently, there are over 560 million people that suffer from chronic back pain symptoms worldwide. This number has been steadily rising in recent years. But while we can't pinpoint the exact causes for this, many people theorise it's because of how much time we spend sitting down.

Nowadays, we spend multiple hours a day sitting down at a desk. Our bodies are not designed to be sitting down for an extended period of time. This is why most people who work regular desk jobs develop chronic back pain over time.

That said, one modern solution that's becoming popular is the standing desk. Many workers state that standing desks helped them reduce chronic back pain symptoms. And in this article, we'll talk about how they help and why you may want to get a standing desk for yourself. Read on to learn more.

Are Regular Sitting Desks Bad for the Back?

There's nothing wrong with sitting down and working at a table. For most people, this is a great position for streamlining productivity without stressing themselves out too much. That said, you shouldn't be staying on a sitting desk for an extended period of time as it can be bad for your back.

Typically, those that spend multiple hours on a sitting desk everyday put a lot of strain and stress on their back. This is especially true in the lower back area, as this area is responsible for supporting the body while you're sitting down.

This is why you usually end long days at work with significant lower back pain. Luckily, you can easily avoid this by not sitting down at your desk for too long or moving around from time to time.

How Can Standing Desks Help with Chronic Back Pain Symptoms?

Since sitting down for several hours is bad for your back, you may be wondering what kind of desk you should be using for work. And if you ask us, we'll highly recommend that you get a height adjustable desk if you want to reduce chronic back pain symptoms.

There are various ways that standing desks reduce chronic back pain symptoms, and we'll explain some of them below.

Small Calorie Burn

To begin with, you burn more calories when standing than sitting. Granted, this isn't exactly a large difference, and it won't result in weight loss. However, if you want to lose weight, it's important to burn a lot of calories and build a caloric deficit. So, while standing desks only help you burn a few extra calories, they may go a long way over extended periods of time. To put things in a better perspective, a person that weighs around 157 pounds could potentially burn an extra 54 calories by working at a standing desk.

Weight gain and excess weight can contribute to chronic pain. So, switching to a standing office desk could give you a very small boost in losing weight and reducing back pain.

Encourages Movement

The next benefit of a standing desk is that it encourages movement. When we stay at a sitting desk, it's common for us to stay in one place and position for a long time. This is not good for your back, as regular exercise and movement is ideal if you struggle from chronic pain.

When you have a standing desk, you'll walk around and shift positions more often. This can help reduce the pain in your back, which is why this is a very popular option with modern workers.

This is a big reason why certain studies show those that used standing and adjustable desks experience much less back pain. That said, note that research is still in the early stages, and we'll need a bit more information before we can say anything definitively.

Engaged Core

A strong core can help you reduce back pain. There are some times when your back pain is caused by weak muscles, especially around your core. When you spend more time standing, your core is constantly engaged. This helps you develop more core strength, which is essential in reducing back pain.

Enhanced Productivity

Another big benefit of standing desks is that you can improve productivity. This isn't directly related to back pain, but it's still worth mentioning. Those that use standing desks usually report feeling more productive and efficient with their new desks. So, you may want to consider getting a standing desk for yourself to improve your workflow.

Conclusion - Should You Get a Standing Desk?

If you have chronic back pain, we recommend a standing adjustable desk. This is because a fixed standing desk may be a bit tiring for you. But with an adjustable desk, you can alternate between sitting and standing positions, allowing you to significantly reduce chronic pain symptoms.

That said, note that chronic pain treatment and management are different for everyone. So, always consult a doctor to see if a standing desk is the right option for managing your chronic pain