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How Standing Desks Can Help Beat Your Sedentary Lifestyle

16 April 2021

Decades of sitting on a chair for hours at an end during our desk jobs made us adopt some extremely unhealthy practices. However, that alone was not enough to create the sedentary lifestyle we ended up developing that can cause many physical and mental health issues.

The problems with sitting for too long are in it being as normalized as it is. For several years, we have had no choice but to sit for hours to finish our work. Despite there being extensive evidence of it causing health concerns, there was little development to change things until the recent introduction of standing desks.

Standing desks like Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk has been helpful in making us healthier and allowed us to leave our sedentary lifestyle behind. However, before discussing how our lifestyle has changed, let’s first explore how it emerged.

Causes of Our Sedentary Lifestyle

Our sedentary lifestyle did not develop in a single day, week, or month. We slowly transitioned from our more physically active lifestyle to a more stationary one, which stopped us from realizing how harmful it could be until it was too late. Following are some of the main contributors to this shift.

Desk Jobs

The move towards desk jobs has played an important role in making us more stationary than the generations that came before us. Research has proven that remaining stationery for elongated periods is unhealthy, and it increases the risk of developing diabetes and heart diseases. Still, we have yet to restructure our offices to move away from them. 

Overconsumption of Media 

Aside from desk jobs, technological advancement also introduced us to television which became and continues to remain a major source of entertainment for most of us. Family recreation shifted from spending time outdoors to spending time in front of the TV, further adding to our state of stillness and worsening our health.

Shift Towards Online Entertainment

Computer and online gaming have been popular sources of entertainment since their introduction. However, children and adults alike have started spending several hours of their day sitting and playing video games. Not only has this made us more accustomed to staying still rather than moving around, but it is also harmful to our bodies. 

Harmful Effects of Being Inactive

The problems with sitting for too long and having an inactive lifestyle are that not only does it stop us from getting fresh air and exploring nature, it is also harmful to physical and mental health. According to several studies, inactive lifestyles are likely to increase the chances of people developing the following diseases during their life:

  • Obesity

  • Heart Disease

  • Type 2 Diabetes

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Several types of cancers

  • Dementia

In the worst-case scenario, our immune system weakens, our bodies become more prone to disease, and we are at risk of early death.

While this information may be alarming, the move towards healthier habits and personal wellness has led to the development of practical concepts like standing desks. 

What are Standing Desks?

Standing desks are desks designed for people to work, write, read, or study while standing up instead of sitting down. Reasons you need a standing desk in your office range from health benefits and reduced stress to reducing back pain. While the options available in the market offer a variety of options, the more popular ones are adjustable and can be converted to regular desks to make it easier to work in the same space.

How Standing Desks Help

Standing desks have revolutionized our personal and professional environments by making regular forms of entertainment healthier for us to enjoy. They have shifted our orientation by allowing us to take a healthier approach to our routine activities.

Following are some of the most prominent ways in which standing desks have replaced our sedentary lifestyle with a more active one.

Reduced Time Sitting at Office

86% of Americans are accustomed to sitting at their desk for hours during their regular workdays, which poses a huge health risk. The introduction of standing desks has helped reduce this percentage and open us to the possibility of creating workspaces that no longer need us to compromise on our health. All these are the most important reasons you need a standing desk in your office.

Since the workplace is a major contributor to making us inactive, this change is likely to drastically change our habits. The changed habits will have a direct impact on how we prioritize our health or manage our mental health.

Shifted Focus Away from Remaining Stationery

The best part about standing desks is that they are useful in both personal and professional spaces. Aside from introducing them to offices, people have also started using them at home, which has been extremely helpful during the pandemic work arrangements.

Adding standing desks to homes has not only allowed us to make work healthier but has also changed the way we indulge in entertainment. More and more people are choosing to read books while standing up instead of laying down or write notes and study in the same way.

Introducing the concept to both work and leisure has allowed us to shift away from our stationary habits and inclined us to choose more active ways to spend our time.

Improved Mental Health

A major way standing desks have beat our sedentary lifestyles is by positively impacting our mental health. Sitting for an extended time increased the likelihood of people developing depression or anxiety, and worsened the symptoms in those who already had it.

Standing desks have broken the cycle of inactivity and simultaneously improved our mental health in the process. The improved mood makes us more likely to explore a range of physical activities that keep us active and healthy.

This change has been extremely beneficial for people suffering from poor mental health as it gives them a chance to recover without affecting their earnings.

Ease Chronic Pain

People who either chose or were forced to adopt a sedentary lifestyle personally and professionally complained of developing chronic pain in their back and shoulders over the years. Having standing desks allows straightening posture which then eases chronic pain in the body.

Reduced Risk of Heart Disease

One of the worst health risks of our inactive lifestyle the increased risk of heart disease. Therefore, using standing desks to work at offices or indulge in entertainment at home has drastically improved our health. Our blood pressure has normalized, cholesterol has become manageable, and we are at a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes than we were when working from a stationary chair all day.

Alternatives to Standing Desk to Stay Active

While standing desks are popular and have extensive benefits, their ability in making us active is rather limited. Because we are still only standing and not moving around, we need to also look for additional possibilities to become more active.

One such possibility is a fitness chair that allows you to both work and work out at the same time.

Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

The best fitness chair to get you to adopt healthier and more active habits is the Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair. The chair is exceptional because it gives us the perfect opportunity to cycle along while we work while also providing maximum back support and comfort.


Although the Sit2Go is generally an excellent product, its following features stand out and make the best impression.

  • Adjustable Seat

One of the best features of this fitness chair is the height adjustability. This makes it easier to use at both home and office because you can push it higher or lower to accommodate the person using it.

  • Supportive Cushion

The supportive cushion is not only comfortable, but it also provides necessary support to the muscles to keep them from becoming sore and uncomfortable. It is very easy to work in and you can even use it while reading books or listening to music.

  • Comfortable Pedals

You will enjoy the ergonomic and advanced design of the pedals in the Sit2Go because it makes them extremely comfortable. You can comfortably pedal along on them even in socks without worrying about straining the soles of your feet.

  • Customizable Cardio

The most useful feature of this product as a fitness chair is the option to customize the intensity of cardio you want to perform. If you are working, you can set it at a moderate level to keep the focus on work. At home, you can treat it as a proper cycling fitness machine, set it at a higher intensity and start exercising. This feature is also useful if you are sharing the product with people who work with different intensities.

Bottom Line 

Generally, the prominent take away from the blog is that there are justifiable reasons you need a standing desk in your office. The problems with sitting for too long are detrimental for both your physical and mental health and you need to make the right choices to practice a healthier lifestyle. 

If you want to buy the Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair or standing desks, check out the product range at the FlexiSpot website. FlexiSpot has a variety of ergonomically designed products that are excellent for both personal and professional spaces.