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How Often Should You Replace Your Office Furniture?

20 April 2022

Replacing office furniture is a nightmare - what with the extensive costs and the upheaval of removal. It’s no surprise then that many office managers put off this task, choosing to live with their outdated furniture for as long as possible. However, there comes a time when the old furniture is no longer just an aesthetic issue, it creates a safety hazard due to wear and tear. The last thing you need is an employee injuring themselves on a worn-out old office chair.

As with most things, the answer to “how long will my office furniture last for” is “it depends”. It depends on the quality of the original items, how often they are used and how they are used. Here, we discuss some of the sure signs that your office furniture needs replacing.

Outdated Style

Would you describe your office as retro? With a style dating back a few decades ago? If your office furniture is looking a bit tired and outdated, it is probably time to replace it with something a bit more modern. Your business can only project a forward-thinking and innovative image if it looks the part.

Dated decor and furniture can get very boring, very quickly. Refreshing your office style can also do wonders for employee morale and productivity. To bring your office right up to date, think sleek, modern and minimalist designs. Modern offices are all about open-plan spaces. Long gone are the days of the boxed-in and clunky office cubicles.

Remember, that your office creates the first impression to everybody about your business, just as your home creates first impressions about you. Make sure that your office is reflecting the right message for your brand and business to visitors.

Wear And Tear

Do loose screws keep falling out of your office chairs? Is there a leg hanging off your desk? You may even have tried to do a quick fix on some of your furniture with the office duct tape! When office furniture starts to get worn, it creates a health and safety risk to employees. This is definitely a sign that you need to invest in some new products. If you originally invested in good quality furniture for your office, it is likely to have lasted you many years already. When you think about how often office furniture is used, extensive wear and tear is inevitable over time.

Cheap furniture, while convenient, usually represents a false economy as it will last for only a short while. While it may be tempting to shop around for some bargain furniture, you will get what you pay for.

Not Fit For Purpose 

As companies evolve, so too much the office furniture. Your business may be transitioning into a more collaborative structure, encouraging employees to share their ideas and foster creativity. If this is the case, your structured office full of individual work cubicles is no longer adequate. You will need to transform your office into an open space, full of lots of “huddle rooms” and “break out spaces”. Consider whether your office furniture provides the right environment for your employees to work productively.

Not Ergonomic

We know so much more about how to take good care of ourselves these days and this even extends to the office environment. The benefits of ergonomic office furniture have been discussed widely in recent times. If your current office furniture does not offer your employees ergonomic benefits then you are doing them a disservice. So many sick days are lost to musculoskeletal pains caused by poor posture and inadequate office furniture. Invest in your employees’ health and wellbeing by providing them with good quality ergonomic furniture. Choose ergonomic desks and chairs that are fully adjustable so that they can be adapted to meet the individual needs of each employee.

You Are Moving Office Or Expanding

Is your company expanding and moving into a larger office space? It might not make sense for you to pack up all your old office furniture and move it with you. If you are moving to a larger space and recruiting more employees, you may need to invest in some more furniture to accommodate this. Does it make sense to mismatch brand new, swanky office products with your outdated old furniture? Probably not. You could take this great opportunity for a fresh start and kit out your exciting new office space with some luxury office furniture. Modular workstations provide a great option for a company that is expecting continued growth, as these can be continually adapted as your company changes.

Food For Thought

Hopefully, these signs that it is time to upgrade your office furniture have given you something to think about. Remember, providing your employees with an office space that they can’t wait to get to will do wonders for their morale and productivity, not to mention employee retention.