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How Often Should You Redesign Your Home Office Space?

25 March 2022

A large proportion of your waking hours are spent sitting at your desk, but is your office space uplifting and inspiring? Does it make you feel relaxed, comfortable, productive and creative? If not, it might be time for a change, after all the age-old proverb tells us “a change is as good as a rest”. But changing the design of your work area takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention the cost involved. So, how often should you be thinking about redesigning your home office space? There are some clear signs that your home office is in need of a makeover and we will discuss these below.

You’re Lacking Motivation

The design of your office can play a key role in motivating you at work. A dull and lifeless office area can leave you feeling tired and depressed. Are you finding yourself falling asleep at your desk? Your workspace may be to blame! If your office area isn’t set up efficiently and practically, you may be left feeling like you just can’t be bothered. If this is the case, then your home office is definitely in need of a revamp as soon as possible!

When designing your new space, think about what motivates you. This may be a strict organisational structure, with plenty of labelled drawers and shelves to neatly store away your paperwork and equipment. Or you could be inspired by some modern artwork or motivational quotes - then get these hung up on the wall! Make your space as individual and unique as you can, after all, it is part of your home! A workspace should be as visually inspiring as possible, without being distracting. Think about the colour scheme of your space and add uplifting and motivating colours.

Your Productivity Is Down

Being productive is key to having a successful and happy career. While productivity can be influenced by lots of factors, the design of your office space can have a significant effect. Is your office area organised and efficient? If not, you may be wasting precious time trying to find lost paperwork or locate important office equipment. If productivity is lacking, a redesign could be just what you need. Take some time to think about how to make your space more efficient. You may wish to invest in some new and effective office storage solutions.

Another way to enhance productivity is by getting plenty of natural light into your office space. This is a great way to boost your mood and energy levels. If your office space lacks windows, invest in lighting solutions that closely mimic natural light. You can also change your wall colours to lighten up your space and try adding some colourful house plants to bring the outside in.

Back Pain Is Becoming A Problem 

Have you been experiencing niggling pain in your lower back or shoulders? Cheap and unsupportive office furniture can affect your posture, leading to musculoskeletal pain and stiffness. Over time, this can result in chronic conditions such as sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome and even varicose veins from poor blood circulation.

Revamp your office by purchasing some good quality ergonomic office furniture and you will limit your risk of these conditions, leaving you feeling comfortable and pain-free. A height-adjustable standing desk allows you to switch seamlessly between sitting and standing at regular intervals throughout the day. This can limit muscle and joint pain, increase circulation and boost your productivity and motivation.

An office chair should provide good lumbar support and offer an adjustable height so that you don’t need to stretch and strain to reach your desk. Flexispot’s BackSupport Office Chair goes further - providing a fully adjustable headrest, adjustable lumbar support and multifunctional handles which control the seat height and the back tilt resistance.

Misuse Of Space

You are lucky enough to have a spacious home office area, with lots of room to accommodate your office equipment and an ever-expanding pile of important paperwork. But are you utilising all of this space effectively, or are there large areas that remain unused? Add some desk drawers so items can be stored away neatly yet remain easily accessible. Don’t forget to make use of any vertical space as well. Consider adding floating shelves for storage above your desk. Desk accessories, such as a paper tray and stationary holder can be both practical and stylish, adding a touch of colour to your space.

Get Designing

If now is the right time to give your office a revamp, then get designing. Before you start, consider your budget, what you hope to achieve and how long the renovations will take. Invest in good quality ergonomic office furniture to make the most of your renovation. And remember, your time and effort will all be worth it when you are settled into your brand-new office space.