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How Office Decor Can Impact Work

07 March 2022

Every business owner dreams of maximising productivity to achieve inevitable business prosperity. If you too have been giving all that you’ve got to attain the best results, but for some reason seem to fall short one way or the other, it looks like you need to pay attention to the little details. There is a possibility that the surroundings or environment you work can singifcnatly affect performance at work. Whether it may be something as simple as the interior colour used within the office space, distracting furniture that shifts focus or even the decor, all these put together can create a big impact.

Therefore, it is essential you always design your office space meticulously, while putting a lot of thought and effort into placement, furniture, design and colour. If you’re starting from scratch or looking to renovate your office, we recommend you consider the following factors that could improve productivity levels at work and even potentially maximise it.

Avoid distracting decor

Distracting decor is a complete no-no for any office area. The last thing you would want is for your employees to deviate from what they’re doing and end up procrastinating over some fancy yet super distracting wall art. Instead, if you’re looking to be creative, opt for showcasing something that your brand truly believes in, something you would want to represent. You can choose to display your brand’s powerful vision statement in the form of art. It is a great way to put your company’s vision to use, rather than keeping the statement limited to business proposals.

 From choosing a similar brand colour scheme, and visually recreating your business motives, this could be a great way to remind employees of what their objectives are everyday.

Incorporating nature to reduce stress

Nature is known to alleviate stress and calm the mind, body and soul. You’ve probably heard of the old ‘grab some fresh air’ or ‘take a walk in the park,’ keeping those two into context, why not incorporate some elements of nature into your own office space? For instance, try adding some live plants to the main reception area, opt for bigger plants if the area is large enough, however, if it is smaller, add mini, table sized plants instead.

Similarly, you can even add a water foundation, preferably something made with an earthy element like bamboo or stone. Not only will it sound soothing, but employees will feel a lot more relaxed while they are at work.

Choose the right colour scheme

Colours carry the potential to affect a working environment and an employee’s mood. Stimulating colours help with creativity, focus and productivity of the workers. For example, using the colour blue is a terrific choice for a workplace. It is known for its calming effect and can therefore enhance productivity as well.  Similarly, the colour green is just as good for especially those companies where employees need to work for long hours, it helps to de-stress and also inspires effinecy, keeping workers fresh and energised all day. On the flip side, avoid colours that are too bold, boring or distracting, try to find a balance between them and select the right colour and hue that fits just perfectly.

Reduce strain with sufficient lighting

Lack of adequate lighting can leave employees frustrated and stressed as they try to pay more attention to a subject that might not necessarily be required to do so. Not to mention it may even cause strain over their eyes and could lead to other health issues.

Try to make the most out of natural lighting with bigger windows, however, if that’s not possible feel free to use bulbs, tubelights, halogens recessed lights and anything that is pleasing to the eye, just make sure it is suitable with the type of work you have going around. You could even place some lamps in case the employee requires extra lighting.   

Declutter for more productivity

A messy office with way too much furniture and unnecessary items lying around can be a complete chaos. Not only is it distracting, but it is almost impossible for an employee to regain focus during work or feel comfortable while doing so. Ensure the office is clean at all times and every employee de-clutters their desks before leaving the office, this will make sure they come in the next day with clean desks to start fresh.   

Just a few changes can create a big difference in the overall work productivity, consider the above factors today and your employees will be feeling fresher, motivated and better than ever!