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How Flexi Products Can Improve Productivity When Working From Home

20 April 2022

When we think about working from home, we often think about adapting to our new working environment and hardly about the components that go into it - such as the desk or chair we will be working on.

But the way we work is usually much more important than the actual environment we work in - be it a coffee shop or the spare bedroom that we’ve turned into an office.

Not taking into consideration the desk or chair you use when working from home can lead to severe fatigue and even injuries, which will start to show up over time and not only affect your health but also your productivity.

And as leading manufacturers in ergonomic products that can make anyone’s working life easier - we wanted to touch base on a very important topic and discuss how Flexi products can improve your overall productivity when working from home.

1. Improved Health

When we are healthy, we can be productive but when our health is affected - even the slightest bit can throw us off track and seriously hamper our levels of productivity at work.

Fortunately, most health issues employees get are to do with how they sit and work. When you have bad posture for instance, you close your chest and reduce the space your diaphragm gets. This not only affects the amount of oxygen you get into your body but you can also begin to develop back problems.

By improving the way you sit at a desk, you are opening up your chest and correcting any poor postural habits you may have developed previously. This way you are not closing your diaphragm and squishing your organs - you are opening up the body to allow for adequate blood flow and oxygen through the body.

Additionally, you will also have reduced tension being placed on your body. Often, when we are sitting at a desk and chair that is not suited to us, we have rounded shoulders with a forward head posture. This particular posture shortens the muscles on the anterior (front) side of the body, resulting in a lot of tension in the posterior (back).

When you’re using FlexiSpot products, they are designed in such a way to accommodate your body and force you to work with proper posture.

2. Reduced Pain

When you are put into an unnatural position and expected to sit there for hours on end - it can lead to aches and pains, and a lot of them too. This will reduce your productivity and increase irritability, which are two things you don't want to be experiencing every day.

Having your workstation feel more natural and less forced will make you feel more at ease and willing to work, which is a core ingredient in stopping procrastination for good.

You can take a better look at some of FlexiSpot’s desks and chairs currently available, which you can make part of your working station, which will directly have a positive impact on your productivity when working remotely from the comfort of your own home.

3. Increased Concentration

The more comfortable you are when working at your designated work spot, the more concentrated you’ll be. By improving your concentration, you are improving your ability to be more productive.

Fortunately, fixing the simple problem with your posture or comfortability when working from home can go a long way in how productive you are. This will make asking for promotion when working from home a lot easier since you’ll be able to show your boss everything that you’ve been able to do with your extra focus and productivity.

4. Less Distractions

When you are comfortable in your working environment - you will move around a lot less trying to adjust and find a new comfortable position. These little things add up and can become very distracting over time.

Luckily, when using FlexiSpot products, you’ll guarantee your comfort and significantly reduce the number of distractions so you can put an emphasis on your work rather than constantly focusing on trying to sit up straight.


Many people aren’t aware of the fact that their working environment and especially the chair and desk they work on can be the reason behind their lack of motivation, focus, and lack of productivity.

Luckily, there are many solutions on the market such as desks, chairs, and other handy products made by FlexiSpot, which are designed to make your working from home a whole lot easier, better, and more productive.

And remember, when you’re comfortable, you’ll not only be more productive, which will result in great work, but you’ll also preserve the health of your back and will put all those tensions, aches, and pains at bay.