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How Ergonomics Can Make You More Confident At Work

11 Mar. 2022

Confidence in the workplace is key to a number of things. The way you appear to your colleagues, how you approach tasks and in many cases, confidence impacts your bonuses or potential promotions. Regardless of how long you’ve been in the working world, you’ve surely seen countless examples of why confidence is essential.

What Affects Confidence?

Confidence in the workplace can be impacted by a number of factors. These can include:

  • Feedback you receive from managers, colleagues and friends - whether this is negative or positive
  • Appraisals and reward systems in the workplace
  • Your salary and any salary increments
  • The perks given to you by your management team, such as bonus annual leave or access to the company apartments
  • Good or bad end of quarter results
  • Relationships with colleagues
  • The general ethos of your company, and how well you fit into it
  • The equipment and resources available to you.

How Resources, or Lack Of, Affects Confidence

Thinking specifically about the final point above, if you do not have the resources and tools needed to do your job well, your performance will suffer, and consequently, your confidence decreases.

This is where ergonomics becomes important. It’s easier to explain how a lack of ergonomics has an impact. It’s hard to maintain confidence when you’re feeling weak in both body and mind. Everyone is familiar with the statistic that we spend one third of our lives at work. If you spend the vast majority of that feeling physically uncomfortable using un-ergonomically designed office equipment, your confidence levels are never going to rise. Conversely, feeling comfortable at work and having full access to all the resources and equipment you need, will enhance your confidence, and thus your productivity levels will also rise.

 Let’s look more at ergonomics in the workplace and how this can help improve your confidence levels.

The Effect of Poor Posture

Sitting in a poorly designed chair is essentially a death sentence for your spine. No amount of stretches, yoga or massages will help if you spend the majority of your day slumped over a desk in a terrible chair. Straightening up your posture when sitting is a great step in the right direction, but that’s not the only option you have.

Chairs like the BackSupport Office Chair are ergonomically designed to support your sitting habits throughout the week. From an adjustable headrest to modern lumbar support, it literally has your back whilst you keep your mind focused on work. Multifunctional handles make it easy to adjust your chair to the perfect sitting position for you. Whilst the stylish design ensures that you feel great sitting. With better posture, you’ll feel more comfortable sitting all day, which typically leads to more confidence.

Sitting Isn’t The Only Option

Maybe sitting isn’t your speed and doesn’t give you much in the way of confidence. Maybe standing gives you a surge of confidence that shows off a completely different you. Actually, according to Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy, projecting power and confidence is all about how you stand. In fact, they even suggest striking power poses to get your point across. Fortunately, as we delve more into a health and wellness conscious world, standing and adjustable desks are becoming more common.

The Standing Desk Pro Series offers a robust lifting system with dual motors, allowing you to achieve the perfect standing height. This desk includes 3 programmable memory presets, so you can seamlessly switch between sitting, standing, and standing just that bit taller as your confidence rises. Confidence which will surely be felt through any video meetings you join with your colleagues.

Standing all day may fill your boots with confidence, but it may eventually put some pressure on your feet. The Standing Desk Anti-fatigue Mat helps alleviate a great deal of that pressure. Hours spent on your feet will fly by with this ergonomically designed, easy to clean mat. Not only is it comfortable for your feet, but it offers a no-skid surface that you can bring to any room. Office, kitchen, or maybe you just like staring out of the window wistfully. Now you can do it all with comfortable feet.

It’s Time For A Confident You

Finding confidence in the workplace can be one of the most challenging tasks you ever undertake. But it shouldn’t be overlooked. Numerous benefits are to be discovered when you make the right changes. There are simple adjustments you can make to not only improve your work performance, but your comfort levels and general confidence too. Start your journey to more confidence at work by browsing our range of ergonomic yet stylish office furniture, accessories and equipment. If you need any help at all finding the right fit for your work space, don’t hesitate to speak to us.

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