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How Do We Test a Quality Office Chair?

21 Mar. 2023

How to find a quality office chair

Finding a quality office chair can take a lot of consideration, but a good office chair or ergonomic chair can make a big difference for those of us dealing with chronic back pain or posture issues. Chronic back pain can be a daily struggle for many of us. Investing in the right type of office chair can make all the difference in providing comfort and support, and alleviating aches and strains. An ergonomic office chair, specially constructed with proper seat and spine support in mind, is the best type of chair to help manage back pain and maintain a healthy posture.

Alongside specialist back, shoulder, and seat support, ergonomic chairs often enable users to adjust the seat to suit their needs – from adjustable arm rests to tilting head rests – meaning you can get the most out of your chair, whatever your needs. But how can you tell a good quality office chair, and what should you be looking out for when buying an ergonomic chair?

Buying a quality ergonomic chair: what to look out for?

When buying an office chair, there are a number of things to look out for to ensure you get the best quality chair for your needs at the best possible price. A good quality office chair can be determined by sturdy construction, high quality materials, and attention to detail. Ergonomic office chairs are often created with high quality metals or plastics with strong durability, with the chair itself designed with optimum supportive construction in mind.

Look out for memory foam seating and breathable mesh fabrics being used, and fine details in design. An S-shaped seat support to mirror the correct curvature of the spine is likely to be present in higher quality ergonomic office chairs, or perhaps a headrest or armrests that can be adjusted in length and tilt. Carefully considered ergonomic elements, including tilting headrests and arm rests, and adjustable height ranges to suit your individual posture are essential.

High quality materials and a detailed outline of product specifications – including weight capacities, range of adjustments, and the durability of materials used – outline a product you can trust. A moderate price point indicates you are investing in a product of quality construction with longevity, whilst buying from a trusted brand with great reviews, like Flexispot, proves you're buying from a range of consistent and trusted quality.  

Knowing what to look out for is a crucial starting point when looking to purchase an office chair. These pointers should help you create a shortlist of quality ergonomic chairs to choose from. But what questions should you then be asking yourself to test if an office chair suits your needs? Keep reading to find our key questions to ask.

Questions to ask to test your office chair

Will it be comfortable for long-time sitting?

It's likely that you'll be spending a lot of time in your office chair, and it will need to be comfortable to sit in for long periods of time, or even all day. How does the chair help minimise seat fatigue? Does it offer continued ergonomic support throughout your workday? If the ergonomic chair won't support you consistently and you'll need to keep taking breaks away from your desk to stay comfortable, that is probably not the chair for you.

Is it user friendly and easy to adjust?

Every chair user has different needs, and you never quite know how you will need your office chair to perform over time. Does the ergonomic chair you're looking at allow you to adjust and individualise as needed, without fuss? Adjustable head rests, arm rests, and seat tilts are all important details to assess.

Does the features suit your needs?

Take a good stock of all elements of your office chair – does it have a comprehensive range of features that meet your needs? One ergonomic chair may have more features than others; but these won't be particularly useful to you if they are not the features you need. Take a careful overview of all the chair's features and consider what you really need from an office chair.

Is it easy to assemble?

Most of us are keen to find an ergonomic chair we can use straight out of the box, or at least with minimal assembly. Being able to optimise your working space without a complicated assembly or construction confusion is a great point to consider when looking for the ergonomic chair that suits you. Make sure to check the delivery and assembly instructions for any office chair you're considering.

Is it safe and quality controlled?

Lastly, but perhaps the most important and an often-overlooked element by those looking to buy a new office chair: is it safe? Stability, durability, and fire safety are essential for any piece of furniture you bring into your home, especially one you're looking to spend so much time in. Make sure your ergonomic chair has gone through standard safety testing and you're comfortable with its assessments before you make a decision.

Get ready to buy your new ergonomic chair!

Now you're equipped with what to look for and the essential questions to ask when buying, you're reading to start shopping for your next ergonomic chair! Take a look at our expertly designed ergonomic chairs and shop with absolute confidence.

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