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How do People with Spinal Pain Benefit from the Fitness Chair

07 May 2021

Some people silently suffer from spinal pain in the lumbar region or the lower back and cervical region or neck area. The pain that most people experience in these areas is unbearable sometimes impairing them or making them less productive because when one experiences pain in the lower back and neck chances are they could not function and focus on the work effectively. At times, in severe cases, even standing becomes a difficult task to do. It usually takes more than a few seconds just to easily get up from the bed when one experiences pain in those areas. There are two types of pain that people experience in the lumbar region which are:



When one has a sprain, there is tearing on his ligament. These supportive tissues become sore which gives the painful sensation in the back while a strain is caused by the microtear in the tendons and muscle; if you took a closer look at it, it would look like the portion of a split chicken leg bone when one tries to consume the bone marrow from it. These are the common causes of back pain. The usual areas that are prone to such pain are the lumbar and cervical spine because they are the areas that bear the most weight-from trying to pick up the pieces of paper on the floor to looking closer at a computer monitor. These things put much pressure on the lumbar and cervical spine in which when it becomes habitual, causes injury because of gradual overuse. If you noticed, people who do not observe the proper alignment of muscles and bones when moving are the ones who experience much pain in the spine and neck. For example: collar workers: They are the ones who do the manual work where the whole body moves; not every one of them observes a proper posture and the nature of their work, forces them to move unmindfully of the neck and spine. 

b.white collar workers: Even in the office, these people are prone to sprain and strain because of the sedentary activities they have at work. Spending much of their work hours facing the computer, slouching, and moving their bodies improperly (involving bending and twitching); they unconsciously create havoc on their cervical spine and lumbar because of these body movements. 

Spinal pain can sometimes be non-surgical but some cases need surgical considerations. Surgery could be considered once the pain from the spine starts extending through the arms, legs, rib cage, or around the anterior chest. 

So, how would you know if you are starting to develop strains and sprains? In this next part, we will discuss the symptoms which you may consider red flags. On the other hand, be mindful that there is a difference between spinal pain that is non-surgical (once the pain affects the erector spine or the group of soft tissues that run from the neck to the spine but does not affect the arms, legs, or chest) and surgical (once the pain in the chest extends into the extremities or chest wall that indicates pinching of the nerve in the spine). Nonetheless, here are the other notable symptoms:

a.stiffness in the low back area: It restricts mobility at times.

b.inability to maintain proper posture: Due to the stiffness in the low back area, one might end up having a stooped posture.

c.muscles spasms during activity or when at rest: Even when simply standing, you might feel twitches with sudden pain.

d.persisting pain for about 10-14 days: This kind of pain is recurring despite taking pain killers or resting for a couple of days

e.notable loss of motions: This is the inability to heel walk or tiptoe 

Looking at the following symptoms, it is advisable to be observant of the pain in her spine area. This is not something to ignore especially that the cervical spine and lumbar are delicate parts of the body because even a single strain may immobilize a worker and hamper his work and other activities. It is important to know how to avoid complications caused by severe spinal pain. Hence, here are the prevention tips that you might want to take into consideration. 

a.use correct lifting technique: This is highly important because being unable to do this might injure you in a snap. Avoid the "bend and lift" movement that is done by most people when picking or lifting something. The right motion is squatting when lifting or picking something as it lets you avoid putting pressure on the spine. 

b.avoid stressful situations (as much as you can) for you to prevent muscle tension 

c.maintain a healthy weight: Trimming weight especially around the midsection can prevent strain on the lower back. If you noticed, once a person gets heavier, he gets more prone to conditions such as gout and the possibility of back injury is high. 

d.quit smoking: Smoking can cause atherosclerosis or the hardening of the arteries that can cause degenerative disc disorder and lower back pain 

e.enhance muscle strength and flexibility: Yoga is an ideal exercise that can build strength and flexibility of the core-from child pose to cobra- these yoga poses could alleviate spinal pain and strengthen your core. When you become flexible and strong, you would be able to observe proper posture, and squatting when lifting things would not be difficult for you anymore. 

f.exercise: Routine that ranges from regular to low-impact exercises that could increase strength and endurance in your back and allows your muscle to function well. 

These activities would help you improve and strengthen your core. Observing them every day, little by little could help you enhance your flexibility and would prevent you from having strains and sprains. On the other hand, aside from exercises and activities mentioned above, we must also consider using equipment that may help us build the strength of the core, enhance flexibility, and help one lose weight. With this, let us discuss Flexispot's Sit2Go Fitness Chair. An innovation that was made using ergonomic solutions. One must not worry about not being able to lose weight and strengthen one core because of a busy schedule at work. One can simply roll it near the work area, sit on it, and stride on its wheels as they work. This is indeed a great choice if one wants to enhance his spine health and physical health.