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Home Decorating Ideas For a Cosy Winter Home

13 December 2021

Transforming your home into a warm and cosy space for the winter is essential, even if you’re a minimalist. If you’ve been planning a redecoration project for the upcoming winter, then this will help you through the process. However, if you don’t have the big budget to spend on sprucing up your home, you can still make small but significant changes to warm up your home.

Pinterest is a guilty pleasure for many people, and you’ll often stumble upon an image of a cosy home that you wish you could transplant into your space. You can achieve those picture-perfect homes with very easy adjustments to your home. To do this, you’ve got to break down the elements of the picture that tie together the complete look of the space.

So, get ready to soak up ideas for a warm and cosy home in winter with the tips we are about to share below. What we’re going for is a comfortable home without too much stuff.

Minimal but warm and cosy

Minimalism is one of the most debated concepts when it comes to home décor. People can’t seem to agree on where it begins and where it ends. In all honesty, minimalism has often been misconstrued for lack of. Minimalism doesn’t mean doing without; it means doing less of; for instance, instead of having twenty throw pillows in a small living space, you can have five eye-catching ones.

Getting your space to look cosy, warm, and minimalist at the same time is a difficult task. However, once you pull it off, you will definitely pat yourself in the back. The thing about minimalist spaces is that you need to make the room look and feel complete without filling it with so many items. This is where most people miss the mark!

Warm and cosy spaces are great for every season but especially winter when you really need that warmth. Warm rooms, in this case, means both inviting and exuding warmth to counter the winter cold. The key to pulling off an effortlessly cosy home is to avoid going over the top with your décor ideas. Understandably, it is tempting to fill up your space to make it look lived in, but that is not always the case.

Despite minimalism appearing to be cold and aloof, it doesn’t need to be the case. You can make your home feel warm and cosy in so many ways, as we’ll explain below!

Getting a cosy home

Work with warm paint colours

Colour is everything! Depending on your personal style and taste, you can choose from a range of colours that exude warmth. This differs from person to person, so ensure to conduct a bit of research as you go into it.

When it comes to your home office space because work has to continue even in winter, add colour to your workstation. Having a beautifully coloured desk, for instance, will not only cosy up your space but also get you in the mood to work. A splash of colour in your workstation will make it livelier, even if you just organize different coloured post-its, pens, pencils, and other work materials.

Use wood

Wood is undoubtedly a sure way to make a room look livelier. Even just a hint of it, like a desk here, a cabinet there, will make your home cosy. Other wood elements like hardwood floors will help you preserve heat during the winter months. Wood furniture will also come in handy for your space, especially the workstation area. 

Layer with rugs

During winter, preserving heat is more important. However, that doesn’t need to happen at the expense of a beautifully decorated home. Therefore, consider warm, woollen rugs for your space, from the living area to your bedrooms for winter. With carpets, you have many options to choose from, so find the mat that complements your space and style.

If you have pets, consider getting pet-friendly rugs.

Repurpose old décor

Decorating for winter doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to spend money on new décor. You can move around your existing décor items to achieve the cosy winter look you’re going for by blending your old pieces into your new arrangement. One of the best ways to add character to your home is by using items that have meaning to you or going for vintage and antique décor. It’s time to break out those vintage décor pieces you have hidden away in storage boxes.

You can also bring in some new old stuff by purchasing second-hand items. This will be cost-effective and help you achieve the irresistible charm you want for your home space.

Texture comes in handy.

Giving your home a bit of texture of the winter months will make it cosier and warmer. You can incorporate texture in your space through rugs, throw pillows and blankets, thermal curtains, art pieces, furniture, and so much more. You can choose to dress your sofa with a throw.

One of the easiest ways to transform your space is to change your rugs, pillow covers, and curtains. Throwing in some throw pillows will instantly activate the cosy vibes in your home. 

Add houseplants

For this one, you need to find houseplants that survive the cold winter. Having flowers and plants in your space will make it livelier. If you’re not big on houseplants, put out a bowl of fruit on your kitchen counter or dining room table to give life to your space.

Mix and match for everything

From colour to furniture and designs, don’t go in one direction. Your furniture, for instance, doesn’t need to be the same design and same colour; you can mix it up and get several unique pieces. The same goes for colours and even décor accessories. This makes your home more interesting.

Use warm lighting

During winter, daylight hours are shorter, which means you have to mostly rely on artificial lighting for your home. It is important to make your home feel bright and charming throughout winter. Use warm lighting like floor lamps to light dark corners and yellow lighting for your bulbs to achieve this. Candles for cosy dinners will also help you generate a bit of heat while making your space inviting.

Seeing as you will use artificial lighting most of the time during winter, consider investing in ways to minimize your electric and heating bill while you’re at it.

Remember your fireplace

Fireplaces remain mostly decorative for most of the year until winter sets in and concerns for warmth rise. As you give your fireplace a makeover to give it a bit more attention, remember to ensure that it is safe for use during the winter months. Remember to remove any decorative pieces that might be a fire hazard if you plan on using your fireplace. You can still decorate it with details that make the space pop without impeding its function, like a mirror on the mantel.

For those working from home

Since the pandemic, working from home is becoming more popular. While it has been proved to be a very effective work model, it has its downsides, significantly when seasons change. The cold of the winter often brings productivity down for all workers. Those working at home can, however, create comfortable workstations to boost productivity and warmth.

Some décor ideas for your home workstation include:

Invest in ergonomic furniture

Working from home is a dream for many, but it is also a slippery slope, especially when considering how many distractions there are. The best way to get work done when you are working from home is to strictly stay away from your couch and your bed. That is why you need a workstation. We boldly recommend investing in the Sit2Go 2-in-1 fitness chair or a standing desk of your choice. Not only is this seat a beauty, but it is also very functional and promotes a healthy way to work.

Add green

Houseplants are always a great way to make your space lively. If you’ve not already added a touch of green in your space, add it to your workstation. It will help boost your morale and give your room a calming comfort.

Include some throws

From pillows to blankets, anything that will decorate and warm up your space is welcome. If you have a dedicated office area, add a rug and some throws.

Final thoughts

As temperatures drop outside, the need for a warm and cosy space to escape to becomes paramount. Once the Christmas and new year festivities die down, the depressing cold of the winter can get even the most lively people down. As a way to cheer yourself up through the winter, bathe your home in warm décor to help you enjoy the season and ignore the gloom outdoors.

The winter decor ideas listed above work for any kind of space and style. Find your inspiration for winter decor and create your own winter wonderland in your home, except in this case, it is warm and cosy!