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Hidden Benefits of Using a Standing Desk

16 July 2021

Do you ever use your laptop while standing up? If you are unfamiliar with or have never used a standing desk, you may first want to learn what a standing desk is. 

Standing desks, often known as stand-up desks, are desks that allow you to stand comfortably while working.

Standing workstations have grown in popularity over the years, and their sales have begun to compete with those of traditional desks. Many specialists have examined and recognized the advantages of using a standing desk. 

The ability of office employees and other professionals to switch between sitting and standing positions is the secret to this office desk's appeal.

Is it true that all standing desks are created equal?

If you have been considering acquiring a standing desk, you might be wondering if they are all created equal and how a standing workstation can benefit you. 

You are probably thinking if the price is the most important factor to consider when buying a standing desk. Well, there are a couple of things to think about.

You will want a work desk with a durable, strong, and solid standing desk frame when choosing a standing desk. Whether the desk has changeable height capabilities or not, the desk's adaptability is an important feature to consider. This defines how adaptable the desk is to various persons and configurations.

Standing desks, like many other things, have advantages and disadvantages. The potential strain on the knees, feet, hips and other portions of the body are some of the desk's drawbacks.

The addition of sit-stand workstations to the office arrangement has provided much-needed relief to employees. There are numerous benefits to using a standing desk, and here is a list of the top ten.

1. Enhance Productivity

Work productivity refers to how efficiently and successfully we do our tasks and meet our objectives. The more productive we are, the more work we can produce in a given amount of time. 

Workplace productivity is hampered by a lack of attention, interruptions, ill health, and exhaustion. 

Using a sit-stand workstation at home or work can have a cascade of positive impacts on your health, overall well-being, and motivation, all of which can help you be more productive.

2. Relieves Back Pain

Many professionals spend a significant amount of time seated at their workstations, with the average office worker spending around six hours each day at their desk. The tension on the lower back is exacerbated by poor sitting position and ergonomic support.

Workstations with standing desks are more ergonomically constructed. One of the most major advantages of a standing desk is that it disrupts the daily cycle of sitting and the resulting tension and strain on the lower back, shoulders, and neck. 

When paired with sitting, standing can help relieve back pain and lessen the likelihood of acquiring lower back discomfort in the first place. This is because standing relieves strain on the neck and lower back, however it does not always eliminate lower back pain.

3. Caffeine Intake Should Be Reduced

A standing desk has the advantage of providing a healthier stimulation to keep you aware and energized throughout the day without the negative side effects associated with excessive coffee consumption. 

Shifting from one workstation mode to the next keeps you active and awake throughout the day, allowing you to maintain a greater level of job efficiency and, as a result, increase your output.

4. Reduces the Risk of Obesity and Weight Gain

A person might gain an unhealthy amount of weight and become overweight or obese for a variety of reasons. Some of the contributing variables include diet, heredity, inactivity, and a lack of exercise.

The enhanced metabolism and calorie burning that comes with having a standing desk workplace are two of the many advantages of standing at work. 

When used in conjunction with the proper sitting and standing regimen, such as standing for at least 15 minutes every hour, a standing desk can provide significant health benefits.

According to recent studies, a minimum of 30 minutes each hour is required to reap the health benefits.

Long periods of sitting are linked to a more sedentary lifestyle. Reducing inactivity during the day can help you avoid gaining too much weight. The users of the upright desk can benefit from better weight control.

5. Reduce the Chances of Heart Disease

Whether you work from your office or home, the advantages of a standing desk are significant, particularly in terms of health. Long periods of sitting at a desk have been linked to cardiovascular illness, according to experts.

Standing promotes increased muscle activity and, as a result, improved blood circulation. Increased blood flow means a healthy body, which means a lower risk of high blood pressure, blood clots, and heart ailments like coronary artery disease, strokes, and heart attacks.

6. Reduce your Blood Sugar Levels

Another advantage of using a standing desk is that blood sugar levels are lower. Professionals who rely largely on sitting at their desks to do their work may not be able to leave their workstation for an extended time at their leisure. 

While remaining productive, a standing desk workstation is a terrific alternative to sitting.

Standing helps to regulate blood sugar levels more quickly after eating than sitting, according to research. Extensive sitting after meals and inactivity, on the other hand, has been linked to a dramatically increased risk of type 2 diabetes.

In general, one of the benefits of using a standing desk is that it encourages you to be more active throughout the day, which lowers your blood sugar levels. Taking the time to switch from a sitting to a standing workstation is an excellent approach to keep healthy at work.

7. Pains are Lessened

Standing desks alleviate the aches and pains that come with sitting. The more focused you are at work, the greater your physical well-being and comfort while working. Illness can have a significant impact on work performance and result in more time off for medical treatment and rehabilitation.

8. Burning More Calories

People who work in jobs that encourage a sedentary lifestyle are less active, especially during the most productive hours of the day, such as the morning to late afternoon. 

When you spend most of your day sitting at work, you have a lower metabolic rate, which means you may burn fewer calories. A sedentary lifestyle might result in unhealthy weight gain over time.

Standing burns 20% more calories than sitting, which is another reason to utilize a standing desk. If users stand for more than 15 minutes in a single workday, sit-stand workstations promote a more active 8-to-5. 

Although the extra energy demand from standing is minor and cannot compensate for exercise, it does promote increased calorie burning when compared to sitting while still allowing workers to complete their tasks. 

Aside from the calorie burn, there are other advantages to standing desks that make them an appealing option for any work or home office environment.

9. Boosts Energy and Mood

The work culture of being forced to sit at a desk for long periods, five days a week, can be detrimental to one's mental and emotional health. 

Having the choice to work in various sit-stand positions can substantially alter a person's mood and energy levels. 

Furthermore, the metabolic benefits of standing contribute to an office worker who is more optimistic and happier. It can also be used to improve social and professional relationships. 

When a person's attitude is upbeat and they are driven, they are more likely to respond positively to difficulties and the people around them.

10. It Has the Potential to Help You Live a Longer Life

The benefits of improved physical health and a lower risk of the chronic disease led to a general sense of well-being, which contributes to living a longer life. 

If you spend most of your day at work, having the ideal working environment in which you can thrive as an office worker is a win-win situation for everyone.


Because of the multiple benefits of the standing desk, it has been widely embraced in many professional and home office settings. 

Learning how to set up and utilize a standup desk workstation correctly will enhance your overall health and allow you to get the most out of your standing desk.

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