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Height Adjustable Chairs vs. Height Adjustable Desks

10 March 2023

Height Adjustable Chairs or Height Adjustable Desks – Which is Best for You?

Height adjustable office furniture has become more important than ever as more people learn about the benefits of ergonomic furniture, alongside more of us working in changing office spaces or sharing desk space. Meanwhile, adaptable furniture like height adjustable chairs and height adjustable desks also meets growing needs for absolute flexibility in working spaces – whether we're sharing desks, working around home demands, or working across numerous projects, the ability to change up our working space is being a necessity.

Height adjustable desks and height adjustable chairs are the most flexible pieces of adjustable ergonomic desk furniture; but which is better for your needs? Both have some great benefits, but its important to understand which is best for you before you make the investment in upgrading your office. Let's explore some of key points of both height adjustable chairs and height adjustable desks to see where you should invest.

Height Adjustable Chairs

Office chairs with height adjustment allow a range of individual adaptations to support best posture, alleviate physical strains and mental stresses and strains associated with poor ergonomics support, and adaptability to workplace needs. What adjustments are available with height adjustable chairs and what benefits can they bring you?

Dynamic sitting functionality in height adjustable chairs – including seat angle tilt and an adjustable seat length to support thighs at different lengths – minimises seating fatigue and muscular pain in back, neck and shoulders.

Adjustable seat height – enabling full lumbar support and proper seating position with feet flat on the floor and knees slightly below the level of your hips – allows comfortable focus, and capability to work at different heights. This can offer a greater range of flexibility if you often find yourself working across different workstations or involved in more physical projects in your workday with large amounts of data.

An adjustable backrest angle or tilting backrest allows a full range of flexibility, allowing users to change the angle between torso and thighs as needed for comfort and focus.

Height adjustable chairs offer a more flexible option than traditional office chairs and are a solid choice for office users who work on a variety of projects but are mainly desk based. A height adjustable chair is best for you if you need a mid-range of flexibility in your working day with optimum ergonomic support.

Height Adjustable Desks

When it comes to standing desks and height adjustable desks, there is an even greater range of flexibility for a wide range of work projects. What are the main functions of a height adjustable desk and how can they support your work day?

Adjustable desk height and width is the biggest bonus to height adjustable desks. The flexibility of height and desk width means full adaptability for whatever you're working on, as well as allowing optimum adptation to meet individual comfort.

Multiple user adaptation on a range of height adjustable desks makes standing desks perfect for those sharing desks or in a shared working spaces. This makes a height adjustable desk a great choice for those working on team projects or needing to use their workspace in a variety of ways.

Standing capability while working optimises individual health, as well as minimising fatigue and stress that can lead to serious health complaints over time. On desks that can lift to a standing height, the option to stand, rest, and stretch the muscles while working can minimise muscle strains, chronic back pain, and improve focus.

Which Works Best for Your Office?

It's clear that there are a wealth of benefits in using height adjustable office chairs and standing desks, and your office could hugely benefit from either investment. From adaptable ergonomic support and changes to suit individual comfort, to full desk adjustments and height changes at the touch of a button individual or combined upgrading of your office can open up a range of new working possibilities, whatever your daily needs.

When it comes down to which is right for you – this can vary hugely on individual needs, and careful consideration is needed to determine what covers your work. That said, the absolute flexibility of a height adjustable desk can tackle a wide range of uses, whether seated or standing and perhaps even lead you to newer working habits you hadn't thought of before!

If you're ready to explore how you can make your office space even more user friendly for your needs, take a look at our range of height adjustable chairs and height adjustable desks. You might find just what you're looking for to make your work station optimised for bigger work ahead.