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Healthy Additions to Any Flexispot Standing Desk

22 July 2021

A standing desk is always a great addition to any office. But how can you truly elevate the experience when standing feels too monotonous for you? Then add an under-desk bike and a vibrating plate! Not only would these help you achieve your fitness goals, but you will also feel your concentration levels rise because you are not bored from just standing up.

Bike Workstation V9

As a CES Innovation Awards Honoree, the V9 proves itself to be the best among the rest. The V9 enables you to remain productive. Lead a strong, active lifestyle and burn fat while performing idle tasks. This is the ideal complement to FlexiSpot's already amazing standing desks.

“I enjoy the workstation bicycle for a multitude of reasons. It's nearly straightforward and provides a unique interest in engaging in activities that don't typically require energy expenditure! I could spend my time reading, browse social networking sites, or peruse a magazine without feeling bad. Only other explanation I awarded it three instead of five stars is because the chair could have been slightly more comfy. I may simply need to adjust. I would strongly suggest this bike/desk combination.” - Gary T.

“I frequently use this. It seems to help me remain concentrated for some reason. I'm not going to pretend that I have no days when I'm too lazy to get up and workout outdoors or go to the fitness center, but I no longer have any reason to skip. I've been seeking a technique to increase my activity without feeling discomfort. I feel that when combined with a balanced diet, this under-workstation bike will be a godsend. I'm saying hello to a more enhanced version of myself right now.” - Kelly S.

“I have never been so active while at work! With this desk bike, my leg muscles have been receiving the movement it hasn't had in months! This is a device that is perfect for everyone. This gadget has been quite beneficial! I'm delighted! This Is Really a Necessity For Everybody! Regardless of how unpleasant the task is, I believe that I am being compensated for my efforts to enhance my wellness. I was so taken with this under-desk bike that I purchased one for my parents. It's something they absolutely adore. It is completely silent and effortless to pedal. Building this was a breeze” - Pam H.

“I am now a full-time work-at-home fighter. I have a history of severe leg injuries, which greatly restricts my capacity to exert myself without experiencing discomfort. And now I spend my days sitting. What are my options? Flexispot came to my rescue! I was putting on weight and experiencing exhaustion. After that, I discovered Flexispot and the Desk bike. Oh, my goodness! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The table is the black sit/stand electric version, and it performs well, looks beautiful, and was a breeze to assemble. And the motorcycle is a daydream come true. It is authentic. I've driven it over 30 kilometers and it's fantastic. I can break a sweat as much as I want, and it's comfortable even when I'm not wearing cushioned riding bottoms, allowing me to dress for victory while still pedaling. It comes in a variety of configurations and stores neatly beneath the desk when not in use. This is not some movement spinner; this is a genuine piece of fitness equipment, as seen by my weight loss. I'm purchasing another due to Desk bike envy in my household. Thank you, Flexispot! This is an incredible combination, and the bicycle is incredible!” Aymie W.

Desk Bike V9U Without TOP

The V9U is perfect for anyone who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle while in the four corners of their office cubicle. With its height-adjustable seat, the V9U may be customized to meet your specific demands. The compact design makes it easier to move around from place to place which makes it an ideal under desk bike for busy office employees. 

“Minimal and straightforward. I purchased this for my daughter, who stated that it is compact and simple to move around in. She stores this one under her FlexiSpot desk and uses it for 30 minutes a day. Fits neatly under her desk, allowing her to utilize it while studying and typing. She feels more fit now that she has this bike. My child has noticed an improvement in the tone of her legs, which she attributes to cycling on this machine!” - Bea R.

“I received it many months earlier and intended to leave a feedback until I had used it. The charges are quite long-lasting. If you are not accustomed to riding a bike, it will take a bit of time to acclimatize. Yes, it is initially unpleasant. It's no longer a source of discomfort for me at this time. What I appreciate is how I can utilize it well while concentrating on a task, and it significantly boosts my productivity. I've ridden ten miles in no time, and I'm dripping! It's ideal for times when I'm unsure if I'll really have much of an exercise in or when I simply need to get my brain working. I simply adore it and believe it is well worth the expense! To be frank, I'd spend more money on it.” - Jay Y.

“When in use, it is sturdy and silent—ideal for multitasking. Excellent for increasing stamina while also exercising my mind. Combining the two gets me up and moving to improve. Being able to complete my work while exercising was a juggling feat that is something I never imagined I'd be able to accomplish! My neck and back feel so much better because I'm also exercising my core while typing on this under the desktop bike. I cannot express enough how comfortable the cushion is when seated. I've been trying to lose weight recently, and this has helped me tremendously. I adore this desk bicycle!” Ariel S.

Who would have thought that working at the office can help you achieve your fitness goals? FlexiSpot did and we will continue to produce high-quality ergonomic solutions for the everyday employee.