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Gaming Chair Options and What to Look For

23 August 2023

Whether you're a passionate gamer or just beginning your gaming journey, being comfortable will make a huge difference in your performance. A good gaming chair will help support your entire body during those long hours of gaming.

Here we'll bring you the different gaming chair options you can choose from and what to look for when picking your seat. By the end, you'll have a much clearer idea of what will be the best gaming chair for you.

Best Gaming Chair Options

PC Gaming Chairs

Suitable for frequent PC gamers, this ergonomic chair provides a better gaming experience and improves performance even after long hours of sitting. It's super comfortable, provides support for all critical areas, and is usually adjustable to suit your preferences.

If you spend longer periods gaming, opt for ones using designs and technologies akin to those featured in racing cars, as these will support your body posture and help to prevent any soreness or strains.

Additional features like comfy armrests and detachable cushioning facilitate proper posture for comfortable and safe PC gaming.

Racer Chairs

Specifically catering to racing game needs, this type of gaming chair often features breathable materials like genuine leather and added adjustability, cushioning, and support features for added comfort.

For those looking to simulate a gaming environment more faithfully, there are designs resembling motorsport vehicle seats.

These ensure optimal endurance during long hours of gaming. For those looking for a simple option, there are plenty of racing chairs with back and armrests, casters, and tilting, reclining, and swiveling features.

Rocker Gaming Chairs

The rocker chair caters to gamers who enjoy playing console games while sitting on the floor. Without a swivel or legs, these seats are on the floor and can be rocked. They have an L-shaped design, a well-cushioned back and headrests for added comfort.

While customizable for diverse gaming needs, most rocker chairs have far fewer features than other gaming chair types.

Pedestal Gaming Chairs

Combining the features of a recliner, a swivel, and a rocker chair, pedestal gaming seats are slightly elevated. Instead of legs, it's situated on a pedestal, allowing rotation and rocking. They can be lounged and tilted based on your preferred posture.

It sports comfy cushioning on its arm, head and backrest. For a better gaming experience, opt for those offering additional features like built-in speakers and other gaming accessories.

High-Quality Office Chairs

If you don't want to invest in a chair with specific features, you can also use a high-quality office chair. Office chairs also come with great ergonomic features. The higher-quality ones have adjustable parts to support your back, shoulders, and neck.

Plus they're often less expensive than chairs specifically designed for gaming. Choose one that's designed to your specific weight and height and comes with adjustable armrests and backrests for maximum comfort.

What to Look for in a Gaming Chair?

With all the different options from above, it can be challenging to decide which chair to opt for. Here are a few features to look for when buying a gaming chair.


Gaming chairs come in a variety of materials. One of the most common is real leather. It lasts much longer than PVC or PU leather and is far more breathable. However, mesh seats are also a brilliant option for a mix of breathability and comfort.

In contrast, fabric chairs are not as breathable and are harder to clean but many find them to be more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to padding, choose chairs with foam padding, as these will be more comfortable during the long hours you'll be using them.


The size of the seat you need depends on your height and weight. Shorter and leaner people need smaller chairs than taller and bulkier ones.

Some companies even sell gaming seats specifically designed for men and women separately. Not even the chair with the best ergonomics will support you adequately if it isn't suitable for your body size.


Gaming chairs come with different ergonomic solutions, including the ones for armrest, backrest and lumbar support. When testing the armrest, your upper and lower arms should form a 90-degree angle.

The backrest should be height-adjustable, and its highest edge should support your shoulder blades. Some chars come with adjustable lumbar support and adjustable curvature and height to provide ergonomic support for the entire spine.


Most gaming chairs have some sort of tilting mechanism to further reduce back pain. Ideally, the tilt mechanism should provide enough resistance for the backrest adjustment, so you only need to apply minimal force when leaning back. While not all gamer seats have this ergonomic feature, those that do it do.


Due to the sheer amount of physical demands gaming requires, it's crucial to choose the right type of seat. Otherwise, you'll experience great discomfort and might even sustain a chronic injury, especially if you spend at least six hours sitting in front of a computer or gaming setup.

As you can see from the options listed in this article, investment in a suitable gaming seat will pay off both in terms of performance and comfort. Make sure to get one that is suited to your needs including the type of games you play and your body shape.