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From Study to Playtime: 3 Ways To Use Your Child’s Desk

06 July 2023

As a parent, I'm sure you want to create a dedicated workspace in which your child can learn, grow and thrive. One thing that absolutely must be within this workspace is a child's desk. It not only offers a supportive surface for learning and artistic pursuits, but it also encourages good posture and physical health. Today, I will discuss three ways in which you can use your child's desk to support their growth and development!

Study Time: Using Your Child's Desk for Learning

The first way in which you can use your child's desk is to support their learning. If you choose the correct desk, it could boost your child's productivity, focus and comfort. However, choosing the right desk can feel overwhelming at times. Our top tips are to:

- Measure the space you have available, and the space your child needs. You want your kid's desk to be large enough to hold all of their textbooks, notebooks, school materials and laptop or monitor.

- Next, you need to consider if a static or height-adjustable desk will be best for your child's needs. We always encourage people to opt for a height-adjustable desk as we all know how quickly children grow. As they grow - the height-adjustable desk can grow with them, saving you money in the long run!

- We all know that kids can be clumsy and break things so you should always try to choose a desk that is made with high-quality materials. If you purchase a durable desk you can pass the desk on to your child's younger siblings or donate it to someone in need when your child gets older.

- Another thing you must consider is the safety of your child's desk. We advise parents to opt for desks with rounded edges to ensure that their child does not injure themselves.

- Lastly, ask your child if there are any add-ons they need to support their learning such as desk drawers or a built-in keypad!

Aside from a good desk, you should also invest in an ergonomic chair. For those long study hours, your child will value having a chair that offers excellent lower back support. They will also thank you later in life when they aren't spending a fortune at the physiotherapist!

Playtime: Using Your Child's Desk for Creative Activities

Play and creativity are absolutely crucial to your child's growth and development. For instance, unstructured play is said to foster healthy brain development as it strengthens and boosts the brain's neural connections. A child's desk can provide a dedicated space for your child to undertake creative pursuits which can, in turn, foster their creativity, self-expression and problem-solving skills. Some good creative activities that you can do with your child using their desk include:

- Painting: Painting is a fun hobby you can undertake with your child. The great thing about painting is that it has a number of benefits for your child, including improving their fine motor control, eye-hand coordination, visual perception and (obviously) creativity.

- Arts and Crafts: You can also use your child’s desk to do arts and crafts. The opportunities for the materials you can use and the crafts you can create are endless!

- Building: Last, but most certainly not least, you could use your kid’s desk to build something together. If your child loves Lego, invest in a new Lego set for them to play with! Alternatively, you could do woodwork or build with clay together.

To encourage your child to use their desk for creative pursuits, you should invest in art materials such as pencils, oil paints, paper and glue. Your child will enjoy the creative process and feel proud of their achievements if you provide them with a cosy and inviting workspace, with a durable, and effective desk.

Growth and Development: Using a Height Adjustable Desk for Health and Comfort

Lastly, you can use a height-adjustable desk to support your child's growth and development. This is because height-adjustable desks can adapt to suit your child's changing needs as they get taller or need to work in different positions. Height-adjustable desks help children to maintain proper posture and prevent physical strain while engaged in activities like reading, writing and drawing. Moreover, as this study highlights, height-adjustable desks reduce the amount of time your child spends sedentary each day which will keep their heart and body healthy. In essence, the benefits of a height-adjustable desk for your child’s growth and development are plenty - so what's stopping you? Check out FlexiSpot's offerings today!

Concluding Thoughts

To sum up, a kid's desk is a useful and important instrument for encouraging learning, creativity, and development. A child's desk can significantly contribute to the creation of an effective and comfortable learning environment because it can be tailored to match the needs of your child, whether it be for study, creative activities or accommodating their growth and development. With the addition of a height-adjustable desk, there is even more flexibility and adaptability for your child as they grow.