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Tips for Managing Multiple Workloads

04 January 2022

About 46% of workers in the UK feel prone to extreme levels of stress caused by overwhelming workloads. Most of the workers who suffer burnout have multiple workloads to manage in a day.

However, multiple assignments should not lead to burnout if they are well managed. Storage and organization accessories can help you arrange the different tasks according to their urgency and avoid the stress of trying to handle everything at the same time.

In this section, learn how you can manage your workloads to avoid burnout and sustain your productivity.

1. Avoid Multitasking

If you have more than one task to accomplish in a day, you may be tempted to handle all the tasks simultaneously. However, trying to multitask lowers your productivity and increases the risk of burnout.

A good example of how multitasking may ruin your productivity is trying to text or read emails as you drive in a busy street. The possibility of causing an accident is high if you allow texting or other activities to distract you as you drive. The same principle also applies to your job. Multitasking increases the risk of errors and failure to meet deadlines.

The best way to handle multiple workloads is to take each task at a time. Splitting your workloads and giving each task undivided attention increases your efficiency, allowing you to complete the task within a shorter time.

2. Organize the Workloads According to their Deadlines

In most cases, those multiple workloads or tasks on your desk have different deadlines. To effectively manage them, you should start with the more urgent tasks and work your way towards tasks with longer deadlines.

You can use a mesh desk organizer to help you organize your tasks according to their priority. The mess desk organizer is an additional storage space for your desks and works well for people who have multiple workloads to complete in a day. Depending on your preferences, you can place the more urgent task materials at the top and the less urgent tasks at the lower shelves.

A mesh desk organizer also helps you to minimize the stress of handling multiple workloads by allowing you to organize your desk and leave enough working areas. Trying to arrange working papers horizontally not only consumes a lot of space on your desk, but also increases the risk of mixing up the documents.

You can also use a mobile pedestal file cabinet or an under-desk drawer to store larger files and retrieve them whenever they are needed.  

3. Plan Your Capacity

Accepting more assignments than you can handle increases your stress levels. The best way to reduce the risk of burnout is accepting workloads that are reasonably within your ability. You should assess your capacity and only accept tasks within your area of specialization. It also helps to have realistic deadlines. 

If you are working as a team, let the team leader know what you can do and what may be a challenge to you. The team leader should then divide the job into tasks and assign them according to the ability of each team player. If all the tasks cannot be completed within a day, ask for an extension.

If you are afraid of letting your supervisor know you are overwhelmed, you may spend long hours behind your computer and still get reprimanded for underperformance. Your work-life balance will also be affected which doesn’t do any justice to your stress levels and productivity.

4. Automate What can be Automated

Some tasks are repetitive and can easily be automated. If it is possible to automate a task, use that option instead of the manual approach. Consider using MS Excel or other tools when dealing with large volumes of data instead of calculators. You can also request for soft copies of data instead of keying in the data manually.

5. Take Some Time Off

Fatigue lowers your level of productivity and efficiency. If you have multiple workloads to deal with, include some breaks between sessions to allow your body time to relax. Taking some time off your desk for coffee or lunch helps you to refresh and handle the next task effectively.

6. Create Time for Physical Exercise

Physical exercise helps to improve your mental and physical wellbeing. You should set time for short, but regular sessions of physical exercises, even when you have multiple workloads to handle. If you have a very tight schedule, you can take a thirty-minute walk, get a standing desk, or incorporate active seating into your work plan.  

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