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The 10 Best Ways To Boost Concentration At Home

21 January 2022

Are you stuck in a work-related rut? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us, especially when working from home and not commuting into the office. Sometimes we need to find different ways to boost our concentration when working in the same space day after day.

If you’re looking for a new work routine of some healthy habits to boost mental productivity, keep reading. We’ve researched the best tips and tricks to ensure you’re on top of your work from home schedule this year. Whether you try one new tip for all 10, you’ll be feeling ready to go in no time.

Keep reading for some tried and tested top tips to boost concentration.

1. Try Brain Training

Some types of puzzles and games can actually improve your concentration. From crossword puzzles to sudoku, there’s a range of fun brain training games you can try in your spare time that will slowly help to build your concentration back up. This is a great habit to start building in your spare time as it also improves your short-term memory too.

2. Better Sleep Hygiene 

This tip will always come up when it comes to concentration, but good sleep habits are essential to keep your mental focus sharp. We all know we can’t function on a bad night of sleep, so why are we so awful at getting to bed at a reasonable time? Make sure you get into a good bedtime routine to make the most out of your work hours.

3. Get Moving

Another standard tip is to get out and move more often. Exercise helps with a whole host of issues, including problems with concentration. While fitness can improve your physical health, it also clears your mind and improves mental concentration too. Try to add a 30-minute brisk walk into your lunch hours or a yoga session at the start of the day to see some benefits.

4. Embrace Nature

Nature is all around us, so we should take advantage of its benefits. Whether you sit in your backyard or a park, immersing yourself in the natural world rather than staring at a screen can help you concentrate. You can pair this tip with your fitness and go for a run outdoors too!

5. Meditate

Similar to getting out into nature, if you can spare some time and try meditation, you might see some improvements in your concentration. Meditation is a great way to boost your overall mental health and memory, but it’s also a great way to get in touch with your body and to reduce stress after a long day of work.

6. Take Time For Music

This tip may surprise some, but listening to music whilst you work is actually a proven way to increase your concentration. There’s a myth that makes many think music is distracting, but if you opt for calm tracks without lyrics, it can actually help your brain function better whilst working. Hurray for lo-fi playlists!

7. Break Up Your Tasks

If you start your workday by looking at a long list of tasks, it can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Being stressed out and overwhelmed actually decreases your productivity, so instead of working from one long list, separate your tasks into bite-sized goals. Not only will this improve your concentration, but you’ll feel better when ticking these goals off as you go!

8. Don’t Work Late Nights

This is one of the best tips on the list. If you can avoid id, try to avoid working late nights. Working outside of your standard work hours or into the evenings will leave you feeling burnt out in no time. Instead, use your off-hours to relax and refresh. If your brain has the time to decompress, you’ll be able to concentrate better the next day.

9. Time Yourself

Timing yourself whilst you are working is another way to focus better. While this tip won’t work for everyone, some find that when they time their tasks, they get distracted less as they know the timer is on. This is also a great way to learn how long standard tasks take you, allowing you to plan your days accurately.

10. Take Regular Breaks

Finally, no one can concentrate if they don’t take breaks! It’s essential to take time away from work otherwise, your brain will end up frazzled. A healthy work-life balance will keep your mental health in check and improve your concentration too. Schedule time to hang out with friends and family, or spend time cooking nutritious meals to make sure your life doesn’t work, work, work 24/7.

The Takeaway

Achieving better concentration levels might seem challenging, but there are various tips and tricks to help you focus better every day. Working from home can become repetitive, so it’s essential to take time to assess your routine and how well it’s working for your productivity when you can.


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