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Should You Work On The Weekends?

11 March 2022

Recently, there’s been a lot of debate about the work week and when we should be working.

While some businesses are starting to trial the famous 4-day work week, others are still demanding their employees to work overtime on the weekends and during weekday evenings. Though we all work best at different times, is working on the weekend really good for us?

In this blog, we’ll explore whether you should be working on the weekends and the key reasons this might not be the best idea.

Keep reading to find out more.

Are Weekends Work Days?

It can be tempting to finish specific projects and tasks on the weekend, but this might not be as productive as you think. 

It’s prevalent for remote workers and freelancers to work on the weekends as their workload can spill out of office hours. While working extra time might seem like a get rich quick hack - it can have the opposite effects.

Some studies hint that our productivity drops if we work more than 50 hours a week. Any extra work outside of your typical work hours might not be to your standard quality. This will leave you needing to re-do these tasks in the week, taking up even more time.

With this in mind, it’s best to avoid working in your free time. Not only will the work be sub-par quality, but you’re more likely to suffer from stress and anxiety too. Make sure you protect your relaxation time, this helps your brain recharge, and it’ll boost your productivity in the week too.

Reasons To Avoid Weekend Work

Still not convinced to stick to weekdays? Here are some additional reasons you should avoid taking on extra work on the weekends.

Time For Chores

Part of human life is doing chores and errands. These jobs might not be your favourite, but you must have time each week to get them done. Extra work can distract you, leaving your washing or cleaning neglected. Over time, this can build up until the chores are unmanageable and stressful.

When you take time off work and tend to your domestic needs, you’ll likely feel much better. After all, there’s no better feeling than sleeping in a bed with washed sheets or cooking in a kitchen full of clean dishes.

Your Brain Needs To Switch Off

We can’t stress how important it is to allow your brain to switch off. It’s common for us to try and monetize our free hours nowadays. Hustle culture has led to increased profitable hobbies, but did you know it’s okay to spend your time doing non-productive tasks too?

When you take time to focus on relaxing, your brain can cool down and get ready for the next week of work. Whereas spending every spare moment grinding will leave your brain on overdrive without a break.

It’s Healthy To Spend Time With Friends

Another benefit of keeping your weekends free is spending time with loved ones. Connecting with people that bring us joy is good for our mental and physical health. As humans, we’re social creatures! If we neglect our need for connection, we end up feeling isolated and depressed.

Ensure you’re getting enough social interaction by scheduling time to meet others on the weekend. Whether you meet at a bar or go to a museum, it’s healthy to have a separate social life away from work.

You Can Cultivate Non-Work Hobbies

Like spending time with friends, it’s also important to have hobbies outside of work. This allows you to use creative parts of your brain, and hobbies can be a great way to relax. Whether you pick up reading, knitting or exercising, there’s always something new to try.

Exercise can be a great way to spend your out of work hours as it boosts endorphins and makes you feel happier. Also, it keeps your body healthy, allowing you to feel better when working during the week. In need of fitness equipment? Try the 2-in-1 fitness chair to combine comfort and fitness.

You Have More Time For Travel

Do you want to see more of the world? You can’t explore if you’re working all weekend! Though the weekend doesn’t allow for a long trip, you can fit mini city breaks or day trips into your schedule. This will enable you to see the world, bond with loved ones, and learn more - all beneficial to your life and health.

Consistently working weekends will lower your chances of exploring, so don’t limit yourself! Make sure you set healthy work/life boundaries and get out there soon. You never know what you’ll find.

The Takeaway

If you’ve been contemplating weekend work, this is your sign to reconsider. Of course, sometimes we all have to work into our evenings and days off, but this shouldn’t be a common occurrence. Always take time for yourself and put your mental health before extra work - you’ll appreciate it in the long term!


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