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Here’s Why You Need a CPU Holder for your Office

17 February 2022

Why Should You Use a CPU Holder?

A CPU holder, which enables you to hang your CPU underneath your desk, is sometimes an underappreciated and undervalued component of an excellent sit-to-stand ergonomic workstation design.

A CPU holder enables you to conveniently relocate your CPU. This is especially critical if you're working at a height-adjustable desk. Additionally, if you purchase a standing desk, you may be advised to purchase a CPU holder. As you would expect, increasing the height of your desktop and monitors might cause the wires connecting them to your computer to be pulled. In this case, a CPU holder is required. You do not want to raise your desk to standing height just to unintentionally disconnect your monitor, speakers, or other electronic devices.

A CPU holder can assist you in optimizing your workplace space. While your CPU may be the bulkiest object in your workplace, a CPU holder may help keep it in check and avoid wasting valuable additional space. When combined with a basic cable management system, you'll be astonished at how much more space becomes available when your CPU is not placed directly on your desk work surface.

If you have terrible knees or are unable to bend and squat on the ground, getting out of your chair and crouching on the concrete ground to access the back of your desktop is not a simple operation, and definitely not one you want to do all day. By mounting a CPU holder on your desktop, you can always have your CPU within arm's reach. With this device, you may remain seated in your chair and readily access everything you need with a device like the Flexispot CPU Holder.

When you're installing new hardware or checking the installation of connections that plug into the back of your computer, one of the most unpleasant computing moments might occur. The days of physically lifting and rotating a hefty CPU or getting on your hands and knees with a torch to see the jumble of cables behind the unit are over. Numerous CPU holders glide horizontally and rotate a complete 360 degrees. Avoid being caught doing another cable-crawl.

Apart from the obvious practical uses and advantages, installing a CPU holder on your desk or workplace may really safeguard your computer. A CPU that is placed on the floor is more prone to acquiring dust and hair. This is particularly true when dealing with carpets. A CPU holder keeps your system just under the table, out of direct contact with the floor. Suspending your CPU off the floor safeguards it from collisions and spillage, as well as allows the fan to function and cool more efficiently than if it were resting on the floor.

Why You Should Choose Flexispot’s Adjustable CPU Holder

Provide a safe location for your central processing unit in your workplace with an under-desk CPU holder. Mounting your CPU under your desk protects it from unintentional damage done by spills or accidents and conserves valuable floor or desktop space.

The compact CH1 under-desk CPU mount swivels 180 degrees to provide easy access to ports and connections on the rear of your CPU. No more aimlessly fumbling behind your CPU in the hope of finding the correct connection. Simply rotate it to find what you're looking for.

The CH1's design incorporates padding dots to further protect your CPU from scratches or damage when enclosed in this tight holder. To accommodate most common CPUs, it adjusts in height from 11.22" to 20.16" and width from 5.04" to 8.27".

The all-steel design secures your important CPU under the desk and out of harm's way. Not only is it an excellent organizational tool, but raising the CPU prevents dust and interior contaminants, thus extending the life of your computer.

Assist the host in following the standing desk's movement, freeing the host from cable shackles and bringing you a healthy workplace style. Flexispot's space-saving design readily adjusts to accommodate most PCs ranging in width from 70mm to 203mm and swivels 360° to provide quick access to back CPU connections.

There are many installation options available, and the technique chosen should be based on the desk structure or your own preferences. It may be mounted on the table's side, on the wall, or on the table's bottom. The knob-fixing buckle is simple to adjust and secure. It is adjustable in length and breadth, making it appropriate for a greater number of hosts.