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Buy Comfortable Ergonomics Furniture in Discounted Rates on FlexiSpot Tech Day

29 Aug. 2022

FlexiSpot Ensures Sustainable Development

The commitment to making a better and sustainable life for everyone is exactly what sets FlexiSpot apart from all other ordinary brands. Their innovative approach and thoughtful designs earned them another award by Oprah Daily for “30 Best Cozy Home Office Decors”. One of the leading online magazines Forbes also reviewed and highly rated FlexiSpot for having the best standing desk for artists.

Innovative and Modern Furniture Designs

FlexiSpot’s furniture designs have practical features that traditional office desks do not offer. From boosting employees’ comfort and productivity, they provide several benefits from additional organizational features, and storage options, to a variety of desk designs. Brands like FlexiSpot design desks keep modern offices in mind as they do realize that office dynamics have evolved over the years and desk designs have to be customized to ensure that employees enjoy a comfortable working space.

FlexiSpot’s furniture designs are of contemporary style and quality with plenty of details, delivering a sense of comfort, advanced technology and longevity. Bringing sleeker, modern, minimalistic, subtlety and thoughtful furniture designs for the people.

FlexiSpot Tech Day – 7th Sept to 9th Sept 2022

To keep up with the vision of providing a sustainable future for the people and using the most advanced tech, the company has announced “FlexiSpot Tech Day” on its 6th Anniversary. It will be celebrated for 3 days from 7th September 2022 to 9th September 2022. Users will get to enjoy multiple discounts and deals that would include vouchers and coupons.

Activities on FlexiSpot Tech Day

During these 3 days, FlexiSpot brings the opportunity for all its customers and users to avail of exciting discounts and deals. Some of them are presented below.

1. Great Discounts

FlexiSpot has decided to give discounts on some of its most popular desks starting from 7th September to 9th September. The maximum discount that can be availed is up to 27%. Do not miss the chance of buying the below-listed office desks and office chairs at discounted rates:

Height Adjustable desks


Desk bikes

Office chairs

Desk stands

Office accessories including casters, mats, monitor mounts, CPU holders, storage and organization, and keyboard trays

2. Subscribe & Win

Another exciting activity that can bring discounts to users is simple, subscription. Those who want to participate can subscribe for an exclusive 8% discount and get a chance to win a Bose smart speaker and enjoy music directly from streaming music services over Wi-Fi. This offer will last a little longer, from 29th August to 14th September 2022.

3. Tech Day Giveaway

FlexiSpot has also planned for a few giveaways on their 6th anniversary. The process is easy, all users need to do is to share smart home technology ideas and win an £800 gift card. Nonetheless, the ideas must be unique.

All interested and creative customers can share their idea with FlexiSpot on social media, following the below procedure:

Follow @flexispot_uk on IG or @FlexispotU on Twitter

Share your smart home technology ideas with the hashtags #FlexiSpotTechDay and #FlexiSpotUK

This activity also has a longer period from 29th August to 15th September 2022. The prizes for the winners are an £800 FlexiSpot Gift Card x 1 and Esben Height-Adjustable Desk EHD2 x 1.

4. Grab a free order

From 7th September to 9th September, all lucky customers who successfully pay at 9 a.m. BST will have the chance to win a free order. However, there is a condition to grab this offer.

If you are in the top 3 to complete your checkout at 09:00 a.m. BST from 7th September to 9th September 2022, you will get your order free.

5. Flexi-Word Game

Another exciting Flexi-Word Game includes one word a day for customers to guess. There will be a mystery surprise for all those who succeed from 7th September to 9th September 2022.

Read the rules of the game here:

All those who want to avail of exciting discounts and free giveaways can participate in FlexiSpot Tech Day from 7th September to 9th September 2022!

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