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Flexispot - Make This Year Your Best Yet

08 February 2022

Hack This February For Your Best Year Yet 

Our aim at Flexispot is to help you live a productive, fulfilling life whilst keeping your mind and body well. To do that fully, you have to take care of the whole - not just your work setup, or your to do list, but your total, holistic wellness, too.

We all know that the first few months of the new year are a time for resolutions, planning and hopes held high for the year to come. We also know we’ve all experienced coming into February with all that fresh enthusiasm lost and resolutions scrapped. Now, January 1st has passed, but there’s still plenty of February ahead! So, how can you make sure you use these first few weeks of the year in the best way to make your year ahead your most fulfilling and joyful yet?

Instead of feeling pressured to commit to fad resolutions or 30 day plans, take time to reflect, develop a realistic plan, and nurture sustainable habits, and you're likely to find yourself looking at a much more satisfying year.

So, how do you make this your best year yet? Keep reading for our top tips that you can action today.

What Went Right, What Went Wrong?

The start of a new year is a perfect time to reflect, not just to look ahead. What have you been through in the past 12 months? What successes and achievements can you be proud of, perhaps sparking new passions or projects, and what things will you be all too pleased to leave behind you?

Take the time to list the highs and lows of the year past. What do you want to see more of in this new year? What mistakes were made that you can learn from?  Truly taking stock of your experiences, actions, and feelings of the months that have past can clarify what you’re moving towards, and highlight where your energy has been being invested.

This exercise can help you see the year in a clear light, and sometimes reveal habits or goals you had forgotten, or maybe didn’t even know were important to you! Knowing your position in this way is an essential first step in making an effective year plan that will really carry you through.

Turn Your Goals Into Tangible Actions

Once you feel confident in what you want to take forward and achieve this year, it’s time to decide some tangible actions that will help make this a reality.

Perhaps you want to make a bigger name for yourself in your industry. So, how does that break down into actions? Perhaps that translates as networking - connecting with social networking groups a certain number of times a week, or attending an in-person meet up in your area on a monthly basis.

Or maybe you want to make more time for your social life, or find a way to manage anxiety or stress. This could become a tangible goal by setting yourself certain hours in the day to make contact with friends or take time out to yourself to meditate or get out into nature in your own company.

It can be easy to feel stuck at the point of turning goals into steps. But breaking your aim down into monthly, weekly, and daily actions helps a yearly goal feel less daunting and more possible.

Stay In The Present

Having set the actions that will lead you to your goals, you just have to follow through with them. Easy, right?!

Yes, okay, I see you raising your eyebrows.

The daily effort can be the most difficult element. In the same way that breaking down your yearly goals into tangible actions can help you take those first steps, as we saw above, focusing on what you can do today instead of feeling overwhelmed at the whole effort can make sure you stay dedicated.

Keep track of your daily efforts, and stay in touch with the here and now - don’t let concerns over the months ahead distract your energy from what you can action today. Before you know it, you’ll be several months down the line and finding yourself fulfilled and achieving as you planned!

Get Ready For A Great Year!

With these simple steps, you should be right on your way to a year you can look back on and be proud of. Sometimes the most remarkable change comes from a change of mindset, taking our ambitions one step at a time, and staying in the present moment. I hope these steps can make some positive changes for you this year - good luck!